Confess by Colleen Hoover

“I’m sorry, Adam. I tried really hard not to cry.” His eyes grow soft with his response. “If you would have walked out of this room today without crying, it would have devastated me.” I stop fighting it with those words. I fist his shirt in my hands and begin to sob against his chest while he holds me. Through my tears, I try to listen to his heart, wanting to curse his whole body for being so unheroic. “I love you so much.” His voice is breathless and full of fear. “I’ll love you forever. Even when I can’t.” My tears fall harder at his words. “And I’ll love you forever. Even when I shouldn’t.”

Auburn has lost a great love in her life and isn’t sure how to move on

Owen has lost his family and the only member he has left, his father, isn’t all he seems

“Well, since neither of us feels like talking at all, do you at least dance?” He glances over my shoulder at the small, empty dance floor on the opposite side of the room. I immediately shake my head. “How did I know that would be your answer?” He stands up. “Come on.” I shake my head again and almost instantly, my mood changes. There’s no way I’m dancing with him, especially to whatever slow song just started playing. He grabs my hand and tries to pull me up, but I’m gripping my chair with my other hand, ready to fight him off if I have to.

Will these two be able to overcome their losses and face the challenges set ahead of them?

I give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. I really like Colleen Hoover as an author, I love that she is able to literally suck you into her stories. You are practically the character (there were a couple times I almost broken my kindle, I had the urge to throw it across the room but restrained myself). I have to say that my favorite characters are the two men that Auburn loves throughout the story (no, it’s not a love triangle either). I can’t tell you too much because I don’t want to spoil but man, she had some good men! Auburn herself is a bit annoying to me, I feel like she as a character should have been a stronger person, but I wasn’t unsatisfied at the end of the book (she had significant growth). I have to say that she did have a lot of manipulators in her life so that may have affected her, but thank goodness she changed (if she didn’t I really would have thrown my kindle). This is a standalone so feel free to read it all in one sitting!

P.S. A cool thing that CoHo did for this book was that she found an artist to actually paint Owen’s artwork and included them in the book!

The Winner’s Crime (Winner’s Trilogy #2) by Marie Rutkoski


The Herrani believed that a god ruled not just one thing, but a whole domain of associated ideas, actions, objects. The god of stars was the god of stars, yes, but also of accidents, beauty, and disasters. The god of souls … Kestrel’s throat closed as she remembered Arin invoking that god, who ruled love. My soul is yours, he had said. You know that it is. His expression had been so open, so true. Frightened, even, of what he was saying. And she had been frightened, too, by how he had spoken what she felt. It frightened her still. The coin. Kestrel forced her attention again to the coin.

Kestrel is forced to keep her love a secret in order to protect the one she loves… but the more she lies to keep him safe, the closer she is to losing him

Kestrel didn’t miss his message. She wasn’t blind to the way he had indicated that their conversation could be overheard, nor was she deaf to his coded invitation that they could speak more freely in his guest suite. But she struggled against the pain in her throat, and said only, “Your ride here was hard?” “Yes.” “And the snow. It’s falling already?” “Yes, my lady.” “The mountain pass will close.” “Yes,” Tensen said gently, and he saw too much. Kestrel could tell that he heard that horrible note in her voice, and that he recognized it as the sound of someone fighting tears. “As expected,” he added. But she hadn’t expected this: this stupid hope, this punishing one, for who would long to see someone who was already lost? What good would it have done? None. Apparently Arin knew this, too. He knew it better than she, or his hope would have been equal to hers, and would have driven him here. Kestrel drew herself up straight. “You can find your rooms by yourself, Minister Tensen. I have more important matters to attend to.” She strode from the hall. The veined marble floor was icy beneath her feet: a frozen lake with fractures she did not care to see. She walked, she did not care. She did not.

The chances she takes to insure Arin’s safety are becoming more and more dangerous.

The chances he takes to understand Kestrel’s choices are pushing them farther and farther apart.

Chances are taken, lives are lost, and choices are made… and they don’t always turn out for the best.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I really love the way the author is able to draw me into this series, she created this new world and I love that I’m able to picture it so clearly. I have to say that the first book in this series was great and this installation kept me guessing as to what would happen next. I was definitely in a lot of inner turmoil throughout this book as well. Basically Kestrel’s lies and Arin insecurities were KILLING me! I mean I understood where they were coming from but, because I knew everything that had happened I was tortured by their actions (because they didn’t know what I did). Don’t think you will get any closure at all by the end of this book, because if you read the first book you know that this author likes to end on a CLIFFHANGER and this book is no different.

Loving Rowan (Friends #1) by Ariadne Wayne

The bus had no one else on it. This was such a quiet route I loved that I was by myself as I tucked myself down the back as usual. A bit of music would help keep my mind off everything. Then, he was there, standing at the front of the bus and fumbling in his pocket for change, mumbling about not having enough. The bus driver told him to hurry up, and the guy looked around helplessly. For just a moment, our eyes locked, and I felt nothing but sympathy for him. If I’d been in that situation, I would have been mortified. “Hey, you don’t have fifty cents, do you?” he called out. He grinned, as if he didn’t have a care in the world, even though the driver was about to kick him back out into the pouring rain. “Uh, sure.” I dug in to my pocket, finding the right coin, and made my way to him. “You’re a lifesaver,” he said, taking it from me and winking. I went back to my seat only to find that he’d followed, sitting in the seat in front of me. “I really appreciate your help.” Holy shit. He wants to have a conversation.

On what seems like the worst day of her life all Rowan wants is some quiet in which to feel sorry for herself. Sadly, fate seems to have other plans when a hot guy gets on her bus and starts to talk to her.

Nothing had changed that much, until we got to the small office at the end of the building. Crouched behind the desk, plugging something in to the computer was the most beautiful shaped rear end I’d ever seen, squeezed into a pair of jeans. Perfection in denim. “Rowan?” Dad said. Shit. It was a guy? She stood up, turning towards me, and I caught my breath at what I saw. I never forgot a face: it was the girl from the bus.

I give this book 3.3 out of 5 stars. I have to say this book was a bit predictable to me. I really liked a lot of the ideas and themes that were there but they didn’t always work in the story. Then the ending was kinda crazy, it was something I saw coming but I felt that the author rushed through it and so it didn’t connect like I felt it had the potential to. Anyway, my favorite character was Kyle. I liked him because he understood Rowan and was willing to wait for her to come into herself and become more confident in herself. He also helped to build her up and even though he at times felt he was in the ‘friendzone’ he was confident enough in himself to think ‘she needs this right now, but it’s temporary’. He was really cool to me, he knew just to be a bit possessive as well so that others guys woudn’t take her from him and so that she would know that when she was ready he was waiting for her. Rowan on the other hand was a bit annoying in how clueless she was about her beauty. She was always putting herself down in her head and it got a bit tiring to read, especially since I liked her when she wasn’t stuck in her head.

This book can be read as a standalone!

The Girl from Above:Betrayal (The 1000 Revolution #1) by Pippa DaCosta

betrayal GFA 

I made it eighty-three steps before the alarms sounded. The chase begins. If I could get outside, I’d lose them in the busy streets. I broke into a jog. The green exit sign glowed ahead, so close. Ten strides, nine, eight—Agony ripped through my limbs and tore my control from me. No! I crumpled in a heap, robbed of all sensation. Perhaps that was a good thing, not to feel. From my perspective, from where I lay, the EXIT glowed green in my upturned palm. It had seemed so close, but now, as the hammering of boots echoed down the hallway, that unassuming sign mocked me. A synth? Escape? it said. Synths don’t escape. They don’t think outside their orders. Grossman must have thought the same, right before I’d killed her with her own pen.

All #1001 knows is that she is different from the 1000 other synths that were made… she has no boundaries

When she stows away on a ship, she starts to find herself

I used to believe stars were wishes, that if we reached them, our dreams would come true. But the stars will always be out of reach, and no amount of dreaming will capture them. I wish … I wish we had more time. I wish we had forever. I wish you loved me. Don’t let me go.

When #1001 starts to have strange dreams, the ship’s dynamics start to slowly change.

I give this book 2.6 out of 5 stars. I really like the idea for this book and were it seems to want to go, but from just installation of the series I felt that I was left wanting. While I like #1001 as a character I didn’t connect to her on the level I had hoped. On the other hand I really liked Caleb, in that he was so secretive it kept me interested to know what he was hiding. I also liked a lot of the dynamics between the different characters even some events were a bit predictable. I do look forward to reading the other books in this series as I feel the author is one that will get better the more she writes. Even within the book the longer I held on, the more the book started to be able to draw me in. And as she left me on a CLIFFHANGER I feel that the next book will hopefully be able to suck me in from the beginning!

Faking it (Losing it #2) by Cora Carmack


Now, I just had to figure out what to tell my parents about my suddenly absent library-going-nice-guy-boyfriend. I’d just have to tell them he had to work or go to class or heal the sick or something. I scanned the room for an open table. They’d probably see right through the lie and know there was no nice guy, but there was no way around it. Damn. The coffee shop was packed, and there weren’t any open tables. There was a four top with only one guy sitting at it, and it looked like he was almost done. He had short, brown curls that had been tamed into something neat and clean. He was gorgeous, in that all-American model kind of way. He wore a sweater and scarf and had a book sitting on his table. Newsflash! This was the kind of guy libraries should use in advertising if they wanted more people to read.

 Max has never been able to show her parents the real her

Cade is working to get over the one who got away

“Golden Boy nickname aside, I’m not a saint, Max.” His body was stiff next to mine. I rubbed at my eyes, and slowly the world started to resurface. I was in my bed. In my apartment. Light filtered in through the window, and Cade was sitting on my bed, fully clothed, staring at the wall like it was Hitler. Oh holy Hell, I was dreaming. I’d just put the moves on him in my sleep! I covered my mouth with my hand and racked my brain to try to remember if I’d said anything that would give me away. When the shock wore off, I let my hand drop to my chest, where my fingertips touched bare skin. I looked down and had to resist the urge to scream. I WAS NAKED.

When deceptions begin to go to far, feeling get involved

As they fight their inner demons as well as the odds

One word would describe Max and Cade’s relationship… COMPLICATED

I gave this book 4.3 out of 5 stars. I have to say in this book my favorite character would have to be Cade, which is funny because I tend to always love the bad boy (Max and I have that in common). However Cade was able to swoop in and steal my heart (swoon), the thing I think that gets me the most about him is the way he almost always understands Max and what she’s not saying. I spent a greater part of this book jealous the he wasn’t real/mine. The coolest thing about this book in my opinion is the fact that the storyline wasn’t a typical romance storyline. The guy was the one who was seen as the ‘Golden Boy’ and the girl was the one who was edgy and mysterious. For me Max projected the girl that all girls want to be, strong and fearless, but on the inside she was just as scared and uncertain of herself as the rest of us if not more. As she began to trust and rely on Cade more she was able to face her inner turmoil and strive to be who she always wanted to be. This is the second book in the Losing It series and does have some ties to the first book but you won’t be lost if you start with this book.

Tyrant (King #2) by T. M. Frazier

It’s so cold. I’m going to drown. Deeper and deeper I sink into the dark water until two arms appear above me, hands extended out, calling for me to grab them so I could be saved. One arm was adorned with a gold wrist watch, the other was wrapped in a thick leather belt. I try to grab onto both of them, but I can’t reach and they don’t reach into the water any deeper. It’s then I realize that in order to be saved, I can only chose one. I reach toward the belted arm and grab hold, but instead of being lifted out from the abyss and thrust back into the frigid air as I expected, the arm turns me around and pushes me down deeper and deeper until I have no choice but to inhale the murky water. I fade into oblivion wondering if there really was a right choice, because I have a feeling that no matter which one I chose, they both would’ve pulled me under.

With her real identity now known to her, Doe is more confused than ever.

Just when Doe’s found a place for herself everything is ripped away… again

I gave this book a 4.7 out of 5 stars. The thing really liked about this book is that there was never really a dull moment. From basically the first page (well the last chapter of King if we’re being serious) you know that this book will be as action packed if not more packed than the last one. Frazier introduces almost a whole new set of characters without losing the ones you already know and even tying some of them together in ways you didn’t necessarily expect. My favorite character of this series continues to be Doe. While Doe continues to have her world knocked off it’s axis, she continues to grow and adapt for her survival. In this book you finally get to see the ‘complete’ Doe, she gains what she’s lost and she finally finds out who she truly wants to be. King is still a badass in this book, but he’s also still an idiot when it comes to his feelings. The one thing I dont like about King is that he makes a major decision and then in hindsight he realizes that he did the opposite of what he wanted the whole time. :/   Though I thought that it wasn’t really a surprise who the villain was, some people (Suih P) disagreed. But, overall whether you know whats going to happen or you’re left completely clueless it’s a great read and definitely a page-turner. Also this is the end of Doe and King’s story but apparently we can expect more books about different characters in the series!

Check out my review on the first book of the series!


Penthouse Suite by Chantelle Llyod

“Caleb you don’t have to do that, I’m fine now. I am literally five minutes away, no need to str-” I never got to finish my sentence because I suddenly felt my body being forcefully pushed to the right hand side of my car and into the glass, but my body didn’t stop there. It was launched out of the window, hard. I didn’t even have time to scream before my body hurtled out and hit the pavement brutally. I felt a warm and sticky liquid on my face and I heard a voice bellowing for someone to call an ambulance, which was only followed by the sound of people’s panicked voices.

Sophie thought that she had everything she ever wanted, a job she loved, and a best friend who understood everything about her

Until Xavier crashed into life… literally

In walked a tall man in a 3 piece black suit that fit him perfectly and definitely screamed RICH. Although his head was down he had a mop of brown hair that was styled in the sexy bed hair way. He looked muscular even with the suit and I wondered why I was checking him out. When he lifted his face, I saw his jaw chiseled and his cheekbones were high. My eyes made contact with his and I audibly gasped. I would remember those eyes from anywhere, even if I had been thrown from a car and I was nearly unconscious when I saw them.

But while Xavier is the charismatic billionaire

Sophie isn’t sure she can give him all her secrets…

I gave this book 3.5 out of 5 stars. Sophie was my favorite character in that she was strong and she never let the fact that Xavier was a billionaire cloud her thoughts. She was always herself and she was determined to maintain her financial freedoms even though he could have taken care of her easily. She did have her short comings and insecurities but they were actually backed up in her crazy past. Some of the things that happened in her past could mess a person up, but with the help of her best friend Caleb she was able to move on and do what she wanted. I liked that Xavier was able to respect her opinions and decisions (for the most part) despite his controlling nature. Though he still did annoying things or they had their misunderstandings I liked that eventually one of them would initiate a conversation and they would hash things out.  I actually really enjoyed this book even though the ending was pretty much a Harlequin ending (if you’ve ever read a Harlequin novel you know what I’m talking about). I didn’t like that the ending was like that, it was cute but I felt that the author was rushed in the end and that it was a bit disappointing. Anyway this was a standalone and i read it on the Wattpad After Dark app (it’s a bunch of free books written by different people, you should definitely check it out)


Perfectly Broken by Prescott Lane


“SOME ASSHOLE ASKED me if I wanted to fuck or not!” Dr. Lorraine cried with a hearty laugh, recalling the absurd horror of a long ago first date. “Do you know what I told him?” “You’d fall in love, and I’d fall asleep?” Peyton Mayfield quipped.

Peyton has been broken, she’s recovering but she’s not sure if she’ll ever be the same again.

Reed has lived in the shadow of his father’s dirty past since it was revealed when he was 15.

Two people so alike yet so different, could they possibly save one another?

“So I’d be one of your buffet of women?” “Buffet?” Reed laughed out loud. “Well, that’s what it seems like. Quantity over quality.” “I have my favorites. So it’s not really a buffet.” “More like fast food then? Quick delivery and a fast getaway.” Reed laughed again. “I hope my delivery isn’t too quick!” Peyton rolled her eyes and walked off. “I wouldn’t expect you to be on the buffet,” he called out. She flashed a smile over her shoulder. “Good, because I’m definitely more like five star dining.”

I give this book 4.6 out of 5 stars. I really liked this book in that all the characters were really interesting, even the secondary characters (Like Peyton’s grandma). Peyton had to be the most interesting, and most frustrating of all the characters. She was awesome because she was witty, sweet kind and her humor had a bite to it (her saucy lines made me laugh… a lot); but on the other hand she had issues trusting and she would sabotage her own happiness. I do have to say that out of all the secondary characters Peyton’s therapist Dr. Lorraine was my favorite. She wasn’t in a lot of the book but when she was there she always made me laugh (or she said what I wanted to say to Peyton, sometimes both). This book is a standalone and a definite great read… so check it out 🙂

Upside Down (Off the Map #1) by Lia Riley

My sister, Pippa, would know what to do. She was the expert in easy affection. She’d blow through the kitchen on a Friday night, swig a sip of Dad’s beer, sling an arm around his neck, and torture him with wet cheek kisses. I’ve never been a hugger. My role was easy, the joke-cracking sidekick. But there’s no work for a sidekick without a hero. These days, if I wander into a room, Dad’s gaze automatically slides to the empty space beside me. Somehow, despite everything, I’m the ghost child. I don’t want to haunt him, so I keep to my room.

Talia feels as if she’s lost everything, after her sister dies everything pretty much goes downhill.

She decides that she has to keep her promise to love enough for the both of them and goes to Australia

Where she meets Bran

“It’s all good.” I flick on a megawatt smile because that’s what I do best, fake it until I make it. “Australia’s going to be great. Just think, tonight I’ll be passing the International Date Line. I’m going to Tomorrowland.” Leaving is the only way to move forward. If I never get lost, I’ll never be found.

Bran isn’t looking for love, in fact he’s doing everything he can to avoid it.

He’s been burned before and isn’t interested in jumping back in

Can these two get past their own insecurities and find a way to be together?

I gave this book 3.5 out of 5 stars. I have to say that Bran’s character really got on my nerves. He was really back and forth and wishy washy til the very end. Though he did go through some growth, with the help of Talia and he helped her grow as well. I really liked Talia in that she was a bit different than the characters I normally read about, she is insecure but she hides it well and she’s very funny, she is also willing to step outside her comfort zone and is very determined with what she does. I like Bran and Talia’s dynamic together even though they both have some pretty big issues they have to face. In my opinion even though Bran seems as though he’s the stronger of the two Talia’s really the strong one who is able to hold them together when Bran loses his way. I can’t wait to see where the characters go from here and hope that they will change even more (for the better). This is the first in a series but it ends well 😉 .

Broken by Kelly Elliot

Broken Cover

I’m so blessed. I was blessed with wonderful parents, with the greatest best friend in the world-who had picked out this dress for Roger’s graduation party- and with the handsomest and sweetest boyfriend ever. Roger was the love of my life. ‘Mom, you know Roger is leaving right after graduation to work for his dad’s company in New York City. He wants me to go, and I really want to.’ My mother sighed. ‘College Whitney.’ ‘Mom, I want to learn all about the party-planning business. I want to have my own company someday. New York City is the best place for me to get started.’ I rotated and faced my mother. ‘Don’t be mad.’ ‘Ah hell, Whit. That usually means I’m going to be mad.’

When Whitney left home to pursue her dreams and be with the man of her dreams she never thought that her dream would become her worst nightmare.

Layton thought that the worst thing that could happen to him was his mother’s cancer diagnosis… then she died. After her death, things and people were never the same and now Layton is all alone.

She’s running from her problem and he’s working to lose his pain in booze, work and women. They are both doing everything they can to run from their pasts and happen to collide in Llano, Texas.

I walked into the bathroom, and I closed the door. Leaning against it, I put my head back on it and sighed. I closed my eyes, and all I could see was Layton and his amazing eyes…and body…and smile.

Two people were brought together by bad circumstances, is there really any hope of them falling in love (and being happy)?

I gave this book 3.4 stars out of 5. I really didn’t like the main characters going in… liked their best friends. But as they rediscovered their selves and began to rebuild their lives I came to know them as people better and they began to grow on me. Some parts are pretty predictable and I knew from the get go that some of the events were going to happen, but in some cases I was pleasantly surprised with how the characters handled said situations. This was a standalone, but there are also books about some of the other characters as well (YAY!).