Ugh… Finals

So, I have so many tests coming up the first of which is tomorrow before Thanksgiving break then like 4 others after that T.T . So new reviews will be on hold but I will definitely be ready and back on schedule starting 12/13/15! I’m so sorry I wont have any new reviews at that time but I haven’t had a lot of time to actually read for leisure, let alone write. So look forward to lots of new reviews after all my stupid finals are done! And once again thanks to all of you who have stuck with me and continue to support my blog!

Tired and stressed,


Hey there!

Hey guys,

Thanks so much for sticking with me! So regular posting will resume this Sunday 11-8-15 and while I have been very busy with school I haven’t been ignoring the blog totally. There will be some cool (maybe only I think so?) changes that will also go up on the blog this Sunday. Look forward to it!

Thanks all,



Hey all!

I am currently in my Senior year in college if you all didn’t know, and midterms will be coming up soon. So I have decided that I will cut down my posts to one a week for a while. during this time I will also be making some changes to the site as well. I do want your feedback during all of this so if you have something you think would make the site better please let me know! One of the changes I have been contemplating is a new list of all the reviews, with the covers of the books rather than just their title (what do you think?). I am also think about adding a new section in which I compare books to their movie counterparts (anyone interested in that?). I’m also working on getting Suih to write more reviews as quite a few of you seem to like her writing. Thank you guys for sticking with me and being patient with me as well (this is my first try at a blog, but I love to read so it works out). If you have any books you want me to check out or you just have something to say feel free to comment below or email me! (

-Fe 🙂


Yay School (all sarcasm)

So this week is my first week back at college and I’m super stressed… I only finished about half a review and I don’t like it enough to post it yet (not really a perfectionist, but kinda) so I have decided to wait to post till the weekend. I may post two reviews this weekend or just one, I’m not sure yet because some teachers think it’s fun to give lots of homework the first week (exasperated sigh). Luckily once I get back into the swing of school I won’t be as stressed (hopefully?) and all will be good. So sorry (but I’m exhausted)  and thanks for understanding.


Wait a bit?

Hey guys! This weekend has been crazy and I just wanted to say that I won’t be putting a new post up tonight. I will however be posting a new post tomorrow. I just didn’t want to not say anything… thanks for understanding!

See you tomorrow?


Week Off!

Hey all!

Life’s been really crazy, so I am taking this week off of the blog to get myself together.

Don’t worry though! I promise that there will be new posts starting next week Sunday 7/19/15! Also if there are ever any books y’all want me to review I’m always up for a new read!

Sorry, about the craziness… but such is life 🙂

Look forward to a new review on next Sunday! (and thanks for understanding that even if I wish I could do nothing but read, life sometimes has other plans -.- )


New Giveaway!

Hey all!

I just wanted you all to know that I am currently having a giveaway for a $10 Amazon Gift Card under the Giveaway tab (or click the gift card pictured below). You should definitely check it out and enter soon as it ends this Sunday! Please tell your friends about it and good luck in the running to win!

Gift card

P.S. Don’t worry there will still be a new review up later on tonight, I wouldn’t leave y’all hanging 🙂