Hey! I’m Fe (welcome 🙂 )

As the name of my blog suggests I love to read anything and everything that can be categorized as fiction. I love the way books are able to let you see the world from others perspectives and how really well written books make you feel as though you are the character (If you haven’t experienced it yet… it will blow your mind 😉 )

I enjoy reading pretty much any fiction but some of my specific favorites are about alpha males, rockstars, bikers, strong women and especially characters that are able to overcome their pasts. I also like paranormal romance, anything dystopian (who doesn’t love to read about how others think the world will end? Although it almost always gets horrible for the ladies first… people exploiting our baby making capabilities and what not) and urban fantasy. I pretty much like reading about characters in all different periods of their lives and in all different time periods.  These are just my primary focuses but I am open to reading most anything, as long as it’s a good read (Never know what you could miss or who you could meet if you don’t read it)!

I have to say that my favorite part of reading is the roller coaster of emotions you go through while reading (Also why I get strange looks while reading in public… I’m bad at schooling my expressions when I read). Another reason that it can be bad for me is because I can’t write a review right after I’ve finished a book, I have to wait a day… why you ask? Because! When I first finish a book I’m part of the story so what ever life I just lived was amazing. It takes me a minute to come down from my reading “high” in order to give an accurate review (otherwise almost all the books I read would be like 5 stars).

Thanks for giving my crazy little blog a chance!

Also as I am still working on getting the hang of blogging as well as the fact that I am currently in college, please be patient with me!

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