Hey all!

I am currently in my Senior year in college if you all didn’t know, and midterms will be coming up soon. So I have decided that I will cut down my posts to one a week for a while. during this time I will also be making some changes to the site as well. I do want your feedback during all of this so if you have something you think would make the site better please let me know! One of the changes I have been contemplating is a new list of all the reviews, with the covers of the books rather than just their title (what do you think?). I am also think about adding a new section in which I compare books to their movie counterparts (anyone interested in that?). I’m also working on getting Suih to write more reviews as quite a few of you seem to like her writing. Thank you guys for sticking with me and being patient with me as well (this is my first try at a blog, but I love to read so it works out). If you have any books you want me to check out or you just have something to say feel free to comment below or email me! (

-Fe 🙂


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