Tyrant (King #2) by T. M. Frazier

It’s so cold. I’m going to drown. Deeper and deeper I sink into the dark water until two arms appear above me, hands extended out, calling for me to grab them so I could be saved. One arm was adorned with a gold wrist watch, the other was wrapped in a thick leather belt. I try to grab onto both of them, but I can’t reach and they don’t reach into the water any deeper. It’s then I realize that in order to be saved, I can only chose one. I reach toward the belted arm and grab hold, but instead of being lifted out from the abyss and thrust back into the frigid air as I expected, the arm turns me around and pushes me down deeper and deeper until I have no choice but to inhale the murky water. I fade into oblivion wondering if there really was a right choice, because I have a feeling that no matter which one I chose, they both would’ve pulled me under.

With her real identity now known to her, Doe is more confused than ever.

Just when Doe’s found a place for herself everything is ripped away… again

I gave this book a 4.7 out of 5 stars. The thing really liked about this book is that there was never really a dull moment. From basically the first page (well the last chapter of King if we’re being serious) you know that this book will be as action packed if not more packed than the last one. Frazier introduces almost a whole new set of characters without losing the ones you already know and even tying some of them together in ways you didn’t necessarily expect. My favorite character of this series continues to be Doe. While Doe continues to have her world knocked off it’s axis, she continues to grow and adapt for her survival. In this book you finally get to see the ‘complete’ Doe, she gains what she’s lost and she finally finds out who she truly wants to be. King is still a badass in this book, but he’s also still an idiot when it comes to his feelings. The one thing I dont like about King is that he makes a major decision and then in hindsight he realizes that he did the opposite of what he wanted the whole time. :/   Though I thought that it wasn’t really a surprise who the villain was, some people (Suih P) disagreed. But, overall whether you know whats going to happen or you’re left completely clueless it’s a great read and definitely a page-turner. Also this is the end of Doe and King’s story but apparently we can expect more books about different characters in the series!

Check out my review on the first book of the series!


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