Mai Tai’d Up (The Cocktail Series #4) by Alice Clayton

And now, watching these two dance around each other, watching his eyes being drawn again and again to the bosom she seemed to be deliberately using to her advantage, I realized that this was what it was supposed to be about. The dance. The back-and-forth, the spark, the excitement. I’d never had that spark with anyone. And after watching Clark go toe-to-toe with this Vivian? I wanted to get sparked too. And I was no longer sure that I’d be getting sparked in San Diego . . .

Chloe is engaged, but she’s not sure that she’s made the right choice in fiances

Charles was the most perfectly put-together whirlwind you’ve ever seen. Never a hair out of place, never a spot of food on his tie, or a piece of spinach in his teeth. The spinach would never dare. But any piece of spinach would love to get the chance to lodge there. Charles Preston Sappington was the man about town, the bachelor every woman from San Diego to Santa Barbara had been trying to land for years. Any piece of spinach would count herself extremely lucky to be trapped between his pedigreed teeth; it was the dream tiny spinaches were told by their spinach mothers. Tall. Handsome. Rich. Good family. And if you do as you’re told, you too can go for the brass ring. I was Miss Golden State. He was my final tiara after a lifetime of pretty and prancing. Now I could go quietly into that beautifully manicured good night, my wedding veil firmly in place. And a silent scream in the back of my throat. With that comforting thought—and if by comforting, I mean abject terror—I turned out my light.

When Chloe makes a major choice on her wedding day, craziness ensues

I gave this book a 4.8 out of 5 stars. I must say that Alice Clayton never disappoints! Her characters are funny, interesting and pretty darn realistic. In this installment of the Cocktail series we dive into the life of Chloe, former Miss Golden State and currently living under her mother’s thumb. Chloe was my favorite character in that she had substantial growth and that she strived and worked hard to gain that strength. In the beginning she realized that she hadn’t really lived her life the way that she wanted too, and at 24 she was getting married to a man she didn’t actually feel anything for. So, she leaves… on her wedding day. Now, I didn’t like how she chose to leave but I was relieved that she did leave. Luke was actually a really cool male lead. He was strong and though he had been burned by a woman in his past he didn’t let that effect the way he interacted with people. One of the best parts of the story for me is that while it is a romance, they don’t jump into bed when they first meet. Yes, they are attracted to one another and there is major chemistry, but they get to know each other first and are friends first. From their friendship new things start to bloom 🙂 .  This is a very quick read in that you basically can’t put it down. And like all the other books in this series your sides will hurt at times from laughing so hard.

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