A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy #1) by Deborah Harkness

I reached out, touching the brown leather. A mild shock made me withdraw my fingers quickly, but not quickly enough. The tingling traveled up my arms, lifting my skin into tiny goose pimples, then spread across my shoulders, tensing the muscles in my back and neck. These sensations quickly receded, but they left behind a hollow feeling of unmet desire. Shaken by my response, I stepped away from the library table.

When Diana happens across a manuscript that has be lost for decades, all hell breaks lose

She is suddenly the center of attention in the magical community (daemons, vampires and witches)

He was in the shadows on the opposite side of the room in front of the paleography reference books, lounging against one of the graceful wooden pillars that held up the gallery. An open copy of Janet Roberts’s Guide to Scripts Used in English Handwriting Up to 1500 was balanced in his hands. I had never seen this vampire before—but I was fairly certain he didn’t need pointers on how to decipher old penmanship. Anyone who has read paperback bestsellers or even watched television knows that vampires are breathtaking, but nothing prepares you to actually see one. Their bone structures are so well honed that they seem chiseled by an expert sculptor. Then they move, or speak, and your mind can’t begin to absorb what you’re seeing. Every movement is graceful; every word is musical. And their eyes are arresting, which is precisely how they catch their prey. One long look, a few quiet words, a touch: once you’re caught in a vampire’s snare you don’t stand a chance.

When all you want is to be ‘normal’ an influx of the magical can really through a wrench in your plans

Now Diana must own up to and learn to use her witch powers…

The help of a sexy 1500 year old vampire couldn’t hurt either

I give this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars. For a 500+ page book this was a relatively quick read, though I must admit I do prefer longer books. The writing had this way of pulling you as the reader in and making you lose all track of time. I liked how descriptive the book was without being too much, it gave me a clear picture without drowning me in details. My favorite character would probably be Diana in that she was a hard worker and that she strives to do everything in her life without the help of her magic though I didn’t like that she forced herself to ignore this major part of herself. I did like that she wasn’t one to have people always doing things for her and that she was strong, I mean there was a point where she was literally being tortured and she didn’t crack. Matthew, the vampire is an interesting character in his own right. Not only is he old fashioned (to be a bit expected) he’s also overly protective and a great fighter (but a bad strategist). He’s a bit smother-y in my opinion but I like that Diana knows how to handle him as well (he’s REALLY bossy). I think the main thing that makes this book so different from a lot of the other books that I read is the fact that all the characters are 30+ (Vampire boy is stuck at like 36ish), so this gives the characters a different dynamic than the 20-somethings in other books. They are all scholars and they are naive in somethings but it’s a different naivety than you would see if they were all 20ish. It was a nice change of pace, that and the fact that everything that was going on kept you wondering what was going to happen next. This is the first book in a trilogy so, NOT a standalone. But when I finished this book I wasn’t desperate for the next one in the series, so I can leisurely wait for it to become available at my library 🙂

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