Falling Under (Ink and Chrome #2) by Lauren Dane

Her key was in the lock when she and Ginger both paused at the throaty growl of a motorcycle approaching. Duke Bradshaw. The hottest neighbor in the history of hot neighbors. Considering the morning she’d just had with her mother, it was a nice treat to see all that long, hot, inked man get off a motorcycle and amble to his front door. “Totally the best thing about this entire neighborhood,” Carmella murmured.

Carmella’s always been attracted to the fine specimen of man that is her neighbor, Duke.

Duke’s always been curious to know more about his sexy little neighbor too.

When Duke offers Carmella a job at his auto shop, Carmela ignores her first instinct (dont take the job, too much sexual tension) and accepts his offer

If I can keep from thinking with my pink parts, that is. Something about Duke Bradshaw makes me want to fall on my back and open my thighs wide. He’s a menace.” Ginger gave Carmela a growl-bark that Carmella figured was a canine version of girl, me too.

Will temptation be too much?

If so who will crack first and will it last?

Read to find out

I gave this book a 2.7 out of 5 stars. I really liked the characters in how realistic they were (not looks wise, mostly everyone is always hot in books) but personality wise. Carmella gave great advise but she had trouble taking her own advice and Duke was a great listener, mainly because he didn’t like to talk about himself. One thing that I didn’t like was that she (author) built up these problems that the characters would have with someone and then I would be expecting something big to happen to resolve said problems and… the resolutions were a bit of a let down. I also loved the character Carmella, she was strong, sexy, and comfortable in her own skin but she had this one big issue with a character and she never really handled it, the character just kind of left. I  was really disappointed in this because I felt that a lot of the book had been building up to this confrontation that never really happened 😦 . I do like that we got to see from both points of view and that the characters experienced growth throughout the book, I just hope that more happens in the next installment of the series.

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