All it Takes by Sadie Munroe


Comes to Kindle 6/30/15!

Like everything bad that has ever happened in my life, it started with a phone call. But sometimes just a simple phone call is all it takes, and that innocent ring that breaks through the smiles and laughter beforehand can interrupt more than your day. It can change your life.

Star has had it hard, after her father died her mother had a bit of a breakdown which ended with Star in the foster system.

Ash made a mistake, one that ended with him in jail. Now that he’s out, he’s stuck in a town where his parents won’t acknowledge him and the people hate him.

Can these two who have suffered so much heal their wounds?

The day I aged out of the foster-care system was the day I got my first tattoo. Well, tattoos. I don’t know if it’s self-serving or if I was just so wrapped up in having my own identity that wasn’t Delaney’s daughter or foster child or what, but I knew from the start what I was going to get. All my life, I’ve just wanted to be me, to be Star. So that’s what I got. Stars. Eighteen of them. One for every year I’d been trying, and failing, just to be me.

Star is looking for herself

Ash is looking for his place

Can help each other fill in the missing pieces?

I gave this book 3.5 out of 5 stars. I really liked the characters for the most part. Star is a strong, independent soul with a mischievous streak. Ash is a man who’s been broken, but he’s putting himself back together and with Star’s help he could be better than before. I have to say that my favorite character was Roth (one of Star’s best friends), you’ll definitely understand if you read it, he’s creepy funny and I need him as a best friend.  One thing I didn’t like was that though the characters were really interesting and engaging the storyline was flat at places and a bit random towards the end. I think that this would have been even better if the villians of the story had more time in the spotlight, I was kind of confused at parts were they would randomly do something (they would do something and I’d be confused as to who they were for a minute). Otherwise this was a great book and an enjoyable read and… a standalone! Looking forward to more from Sadie in the future 🙂

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