Elements of Chemistry by Penny Reid


(Now they have all the parts in one too!)

So if you’ve been keeping track these last few days, or even if you haven’t…

You know that I’ve been reading the Elements of Chemistry and its parts. So, as of my post yesterday I finished all of the parts which together made pretty much one book (which are now all in one, who knew).

Here’s a bit on the two main characters, as told by quotes from the book…

Katy on Martin:

He’d lose his temper and then BOOM! he’d go off on whatever poor soul he happened to believe responsible. If it was a girl, they’d leave crying after coming in contact with his razor wit (and, by razor, I mean cutting and wound inducing).

Katy on herself:

I rolled my eyes and huffed like the disgruntled recluse I was. I would rather shop for a bra than go to a fraternity party, and that was saying a lot.

Katy and Sam (her BFF) on Katy:

‘Katy, you’re beautiful and desirable—’ ‘Oh my God, no more teasing. I’m wearing the dress, aren’t I? I even let you put makeup on me.’ ‘I’m not teasing you. I’m trying to get you out of this perpetual funk you’re in. You hide yourself behind baggy clothes and eyebrows so thick they could be mustaches.’

Katy on the effects of Martin:

I like kissing you. I like the way it feels. I love how you make me feel when you touch me. But what feels good isn’t always what’s good for me, and I’m not willing to settle for being with someone who sometimes treats me well. I’d rather be alone.”

I give this series(?) a 4.8 out of 5 stars. Now, first of all I have to reiterate that I love Penny Reid as an author. Her books are intellectual as well as funny and her characters are quirky and relatable. For the most part the book was amazing, but there were a few things i didn’t like. The main one being the development in the last part (Capture). I felt that from the beginning Martin and Katy where slowly changing and growing the more they were around each other, which was good, they seemed real in that they made mistakes but they also learned from them. They were honest with each other and worked to not only try to better themselves, but to help their significant other out as well. Then there was Capture. Some stuff went down in Heat and by the time you where in Capture Katy made some major changes in her life (good) but she also had a Twilight moment (the part where there were pages with the months but nothing else…). I mean it wasn’t that extreme but there was a period in the book that was painful to read because nothing was really happening. Otherwise it was a great series and I hope you check it out.

Check out my reviews on each part!




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