Capture (Elements of Chemistry part 3) by Penny Reid


‘Then I don’t think I understand what love is. I thought I knew. I thought it was this great thing where two people support each other and work together to solve problems. I thought it was about trust and loyalty, being honest, kind, being a team. But now I have no idea. In fact, I’m doubting that love exists. Maybe, as a society, we made it up to explain and justify our unhealthy desire for co- dependence.’

Katy has been hurt by the love she thought that she and Martin shared.

Months later she is finally putting her life together and moving towards her dreams

And maybe even… moving on?

‘But I’m not going to rebound forever.’ ‘When will you stop?’ ‘When I see someone who’s worth hurting for again. Someone worth the risk.’ He lifted his hand and tucked several strands of hair behind my ear, his fingers lingering on my throat. ‘Or she finally sees me.’

As Katy moves to get on with her life sans Martin, he appears… Seemingly out of the blue

But if you know Martin like I do, you know he doesn’t really do anything ‘out of the blue’.

I gave this part a 4 out of 5 stars. It really got this rating because I felt as though the author was messing with my emotions on purpose. Yes, both Katy and Martin went through some substantial growth but it definitely dragged on for longer than necessary. This part was actually the most infuriating because of all the misunderstandings and misconceptions. I really felt as if Katy grew a lot then her progression just kinda of stopped in the middle, and she became a bit wishy-washy. This really upset me because her character was one that was very straight forward and honest and during parts of this she lost that.  This is the final installment in the Elements of Chemistry series, look forward to tomorrow’s summary of the series as a whole.

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