Heat (Elements of Chemistry part 2) by Penny Reid


As the Elements of Chemistry series is written in parts and (to me) can really only be read together I have decided to do a special 4 day posting ‘event’. Starting with yesterday’s Attraction post I will continue to post about each part on each new day which means I will post about the third and final part tomorrow and I will do an overall review of the parts as a whole on Wednesday! Please look forward to it and let me know what you think.

😉 -Fe

Earlier, after a change, and motion quickly to the string bikini I was wearing, I went back to the debt that’s all you had your hands full-and at one point, your mouth full of a tongue that wasn’t yours-so I figure you were good. You know, are entertained, taken care of, no need of my escort services.

Katy has agreed to spend her Spring break with Martin.

Martin is really messing this up

Are they truly meant to be?

I understand that kissing random girls is in your wheelhouse. Which, like I’ve been saying all along, is another reason why we’re not compatible. Because, as I’ve said-and no judgment-I’m not really into kissing guys who kiss other girls. That’s not in my wheelhouse. So you should go return to your women folk. I’ll be down here reading; no rush.

This is both Martin and Katy first ‘real’ relationship (for different reasons), how bad could it get?

You have no idea…

I give this part 4.5 out of 5 stars. As the parts continue you get a better feeling for the characters and their circumstances. I have to say with this new installment I like Martin a lot more and better understand his personality as well. Another character that becomes more prominent is Sam, Katy’s best friend. You learn more about her and Katy as well by the way they interact. This ends on a cliffhanger, and is very frustrating at times. It is relatively fast paced and definitely funny. This is part 2 of the Elements of Chemistry series, it should NOT be read as a standalone.

Want to read my review on part 1?


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