Attraction (Elements of Chemistry part 1) Penny Reid


This part of the series is currently free on amazon (as of 6/14/15)

Martin Sandeke, my year-long chemistry lab partner and all around most unobtainable person in the universe- who I never spoke to except to ask for beakers, relay findings, and request modifications to the heat level of my Bunsen burner. And by Bunsen burner I meant, literally, my Bunsen burner. Not the figurative Bunsen burner in my pants. Because I hoped Martin Sandeke had no idea that he affected the heat levels of my figurative Bunsen burner.

Katy is the daughter of a senator and a dean of medicine, granddaughter to a physicist and an astronaut. She feels as though she has big shoes to fill.

Martin is the son of a billionaire and most everyone he meets is out to use him.

What will happen when two totally different people are inexplicably attracted to one another?

‘What was that?’ His eyes stopped moving over my face and instead settled, held mine captive. They were heated and…hot and…intense. I was starting to understand why the blood of a thousand virgins had been sacrificed at his altar of sexual prowess. I tried to swallow. I couldn’t. ‘That was necessary,’ he finally said. Actually, he growled it. ‘Necessary?’ ‘Yes. That needed to happen.’ ‘It did?’ He nodded once and bent as though he were going to do it again. I stiffened, my hands moved instantly to his chest and I thwarted his advance-because, if he started kissing me, it was surely a sign of Armageddon.

Apparently Armageddon…

I gave this book a 4.6 of 5 stars. <– This might be because I now have to continue on to the next book (part?) because of this cliffhanger she just gave me… I have to say that this is the second series that I have started by Penny and she doesn’t disappoint. The characters are well thought out and hilarious, they have unique personalities and they are intellectually funny. She has perfected the method behind the intelligent character. She doesn’t just tell you that a character is smart (anyone can do that) she shows their intellect through the way they act and speak, and she does it in a way that doesn’t make you as the reader feel stupid (I mean I do look up some words they use, but it’s not a lot and they are humorous most of the time). Katy is definitely my favorite character, with her awkward social interactions and witty commentary. She is also very annoying in that she is very naïve, but she is also changing which is satisfying to watch. Martin is frustrating as a character with his complicated personality but it is also understandable. This is definitely NOT a standalone and I would recommend that you purchase all three books at the same time and get comfortable because you will most likely spend all day trying to finish… Don’t say I did warn you…

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