Four Seconds to Lose by K. A. Tucker

4seconds to lose

I believe some people are inherently evil. I believe guilt is a powerful motivator. I believe redemption is something you can strive for but never fully achieve. I believe second chances exist only in dreams, never in reality. I believe you don’t have years, or months, or weeks to impact a person’s life. You have seconds. Seconds to win them over, And seconds to lose them. -CAIN

Cain has never had it easy, his father was a drug dealer who threw him into the underground fighting scene at a young age.

Charlie may be even worse off than he is, Cain knew his father was evil Charlie had to find out about her father’s hidden nature.

Can two people who have been exposed to the worse the world has to offer find solace in each other?

I’ve become a masochist. The affliction seems to have developed overnight. The night that Charlie started working here, to be precise. And each night after that, as I came out to watch her strip.

Cain is struggling to find some way to ultimately soothe his guilty soul.

Charlie is running from a life she never wanted.

When there’s nowhere left to run, where do you go?

I gave this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars. My favorite character is probably Charlie, she tries her best and makes due with what she is given. I like Cain in that he always tries to take care of people, if he deems you worthy then he’s got your back and he goes out of his way to make sure that you are safe and cared for.  I really liked this book overall, but I felt that the ending was a bit rushed.  I like K. A. Tucker in that she is a master story weaver, her stories draw you in and tell you a story from two points of view. The stories are woven together and at the end there is a twist that sometimes you see, sometimes you don’t but it’s always exciting.

This is a standalone, but I suggest you also read the other books in this series as the characters are referenced in this book and the other books are really good 😉

All it Takes by Sadie Munroe


Comes to Kindle 6/30/15!

Like everything bad that has ever happened in my life, it started with a phone call. But sometimes just a simple phone call is all it takes, and that innocent ring that breaks through the smiles and laughter beforehand can interrupt more than your day. It can change your life.

Star has had it hard, after her father died her mother had a bit of a breakdown which ended with Star in the foster system.

Ash made a mistake, one that ended with him in jail. Now that he’s out, he’s stuck in a town where his parents won’t acknowledge him and the people hate him.

Can these two who have suffered so much heal their wounds?

The day I aged out of the foster-care system was the day I got my first tattoo. Well, tattoos. I don’t know if it’s self-serving or if I was just so wrapped up in having my own identity that wasn’t Delaney’s daughter or foster child or what, but I knew from the start what I was going to get. All my life, I’ve just wanted to be me, to be Star. So that’s what I got. Stars. Eighteen of them. One for every year I’d been trying, and failing, just to be me.

Star is looking for herself

Ash is looking for his place

Can help each other fill in the missing pieces?

I gave this book 3.5 out of 5 stars. I really liked the characters for the most part. Star is a strong, independent soul with a mischievous streak. Ash is a man who’s been broken, but he’s putting himself back together and with Star’s help he could be better than before. I have to say that my favorite character was Roth (one of Star’s best friends), you’ll definitely understand if you read it, he’s creepy funny and I need him as a best friend.  One thing I didn’t like was that though the characters were really interesting and engaging the storyline was flat at places and a bit random towards the end. I think that this would have been even better if the villians of the story had more time in the spotlight, I was kind of confused at parts were they would randomly do something (they would do something and I’d be confused as to who they were for a minute). Otherwise this was a great book and an enjoyable read and… a standalone! Looking forward to more from Sadie in the future 🙂

Gage (The Barringer Brothers #1) by Tess Oliver

“No, it’s not that. It’s just when you brought up my grandfather and his health.” She put the phone away and stroked Ranger’s head. “Once my mom stopped coming to see him, I basically lost contact with him. I’d call him every once in awhile, but I know he wanted me to visit. I was always too busy. I was a terrible granddaughter, and he still left me everything.” Her voice broke. “Which proves you weren’t a terrible granddaughter at all. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have left it to you. I’m sure he’d be proud of what you’re doing now.” She turned toward me. “I’m sorry I called you a grizzly- shaped mountain man.” I laughed. “Trust me, Hollywood, I’ve been called a lot worse.”

Summer and Gage didn’t get off on the right foot…

She inherited the restaurant he was hoping to buy and he broke the sink in the women’s restroom taking care of some… carnal *ehem* needs.

Seth leaned in front of me and snapped my picture. I didn’t pull my attention from the stage. “What are you doing, you idiot?” He texted something and pressed send. “I sent a text to Luke to see if your expression looked familiar. Told him you were watching a hot girl sing on stage. I’m calling it the ‘gobsmacked by a chick’ look.” “What the fuck is that?” “Just like it sounds.” “What it sounds like is something that came out of Willy Wonka’s candy factory.” Seth’s phone beeped, and he glanced at the text. He laughed. “Luke says it is very familiar and that he warned you that it would happen someday. He also says that he is posting it to Instagram.”

She was the last person he was expecting to fall for, and she never thought she would trust a man so quickly.

Neither of them are getting what they thought they wanted, but both may be getting just what they need.

I gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars. My favorite character in this book would have to be Gage. He’s strong (he’s a lumberjack, so very strong) and he’s realistic. I feel like if I went to Montana tomorrow I could potentially run into him, he’s not a millionaire and he’s not an ass (well a little in the beginning, but I mean his dreams were kind of crushed…). Summer is also very interesting, she is an amazing singer (think agents and potential contracts) but she’s also a bit of a pushover. I really liked her growth in the story, she became stronger and more independent as the book continued and seemed to know what she really wanted by the end of the book. This can be read as a standalone, but it is a part of a series so I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Summer in Gage in the books about his brothers.

Elements of Chemistry by Penny Reid


(Now they have all the parts in one too!)

So if you’ve been keeping track these last few days, or even if you haven’t…

You know that I’ve been reading the Elements of Chemistry and its parts. So, as of my post yesterday I finished all of the parts which together made pretty much one book (which are now all in one, who knew).

Here’s a bit on the two main characters, as told by quotes from the book…

Katy on Martin:

He’d lose his temper and then BOOM! he’d go off on whatever poor soul he happened to believe responsible. If it was a girl, they’d leave crying after coming in contact with his razor wit (and, by razor, I mean cutting and wound inducing).

Katy on herself:

I rolled my eyes and huffed like the disgruntled recluse I was. I would rather shop for a bra than go to a fraternity party, and that was saying a lot.

Katy and Sam (her BFF) on Katy:

‘Katy, you’re beautiful and desirable—’ ‘Oh my God, no more teasing. I’m wearing the dress, aren’t I? I even let you put makeup on me.’ ‘I’m not teasing you. I’m trying to get you out of this perpetual funk you’re in. You hide yourself behind baggy clothes and eyebrows so thick they could be mustaches.’

Katy on the effects of Martin:

I like kissing you. I like the way it feels. I love how you make me feel when you touch me. But what feels good isn’t always what’s good for me, and I’m not willing to settle for being with someone who sometimes treats me well. I’d rather be alone.”

I give this series(?) a 4.8 out of 5 stars. Now, first of all I have to reiterate that I love Penny Reid as an author. Her books are intellectual as well as funny and her characters are quirky and relatable. For the most part the book was amazing, but there were a few things i didn’t like. The main one being the development in the last part (Capture). I felt that from the beginning Martin and Katy where slowly changing and growing the more they were around each other, which was good, they seemed real in that they made mistakes but they also learned from them. They were honest with each other and worked to not only try to better themselves, but to help their significant other out as well. Then there was Capture. Some stuff went down in Heat and by the time you where in Capture Katy made some major changes in her life (good) but she also had a Twilight moment (the part where there were pages with the months but nothing else…). I mean it wasn’t that extreme but there was a period in the book that was painful to read because nothing was really happening. Otherwise it was a great series and I hope you check it out.

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Capture (Elements of Chemistry part 3) by Penny Reid


‘Then I don’t think I understand what love is. I thought I knew. I thought it was this great thing where two people support each other and work together to solve problems. I thought it was about trust and loyalty, being honest, kind, being a team. But now I have no idea. In fact, I’m doubting that love exists. Maybe, as a society, we made it up to explain and justify our unhealthy desire for co- dependence.’

Katy has been hurt by the love she thought that she and Martin shared.

Months later she is finally putting her life together and moving towards her dreams

And maybe even… moving on?

‘But I’m not going to rebound forever.’ ‘When will you stop?’ ‘When I see someone who’s worth hurting for again. Someone worth the risk.’ He lifted his hand and tucked several strands of hair behind my ear, his fingers lingering on my throat. ‘Or she finally sees me.’

As Katy moves to get on with her life sans Martin, he appears… Seemingly out of the blue

But if you know Martin like I do, you know he doesn’t really do anything ‘out of the blue’.

I gave this part a 4 out of 5 stars. It really got this rating because I felt as though the author was messing with my emotions on purpose. Yes, both Katy and Martin went through some substantial growth but it definitely dragged on for longer than necessary. This part was actually the most infuriating because of all the misunderstandings and misconceptions. I really felt as if Katy grew a lot then her progression just kinda of stopped in the middle, and she became a bit wishy-washy. This really upset me because her character was one that was very straight forward and honest and during parts of this she lost that.  This is the final installment in the Elements of Chemistry series, look forward to tomorrow’s summary of the series as a whole.

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Heat (Elements of Chemistry part 2) by Penny Reid


As the Elements of Chemistry series is written in parts and (to me) can really only be read together I have decided to do a special 4 day posting ‘event’. Starting with yesterday’s Attraction post I will continue to post about each part on each new day which means I will post about the third and final part tomorrow and I will do an overall review of the parts as a whole on Wednesday! Please look forward to it and let me know what you think.

😉 -Fe

Earlier, after a change, and motion quickly to the string bikini I was wearing, I went back to the debt that’s all you had your hands full-and at one point, your mouth full of a tongue that wasn’t yours-so I figure you were good. You know, are entertained, taken care of, no need of my escort services.

Katy has agreed to spend her Spring break with Martin.

Martin is really messing this up

Are they truly meant to be?

I understand that kissing random girls is in your wheelhouse. Which, like I’ve been saying all along, is another reason why we’re not compatible. Because, as I’ve said-and no judgment-I’m not really into kissing guys who kiss other girls. That’s not in my wheelhouse. So you should go return to your women folk. I’ll be down here reading; no rush.

This is both Martin and Katy first ‘real’ relationship (for different reasons), how bad could it get?

You have no idea…

I give this part 4.5 out of 5 stars. As the parts continue you get a better feeling for the characters and their circumstances. I have to say with this new installment I like Martin a lot more and better understand his personality as well. Another character that becomes more prominent is Sam, Katy’s best friend. You learn more about her and Katy as well by the way they interact. This ends on a cliffhanger, and is very frustrating at times. It is relatively fast paced and definitely funny. This is part 2 of the Elements of Chemistry series, it should NOT be read as a standalone.

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Attraction (Elements of Chemistry part 1) Penny Reid


This part of the series is currently free on amazon (as of 6/14/15)

Martin Sandeke, my year-long chemistry lab partner and all around most unobtainable person in the universe- who I never spoke to except to ask for beakers, relay findings, and request modifications to the heat level of my Bunsen burner. And by Bunsen burner I meant, literally, my Bunsen burner. Not the figurative Bunsen burner in my pants. Because I hoped Martin Sandeke had no idea that he affected the heat levels of my figurative Bunsen burner.

Katy is the daughter of a senator and a dean of medicine, granddaughter to a physicist and an astronaut. She feels as though she has big shoes to fill.

Martin is the son of a billionaire and most everyone he meets is out to use him.

What will happen when two totally different people are inexplicably attracted to one another?

‘What was that?’ His eyes stopped moving over my face and instead settled, held mine captive. They were heated and…hot and…intense. I was starting to understand why the blood of a thousand virgins had been sacrificed at his altar of sexual prowess. I tried to swallow. I couldn’t. ‘That was necessary,’ he finally said. Actually, he growled it. ‘Necessary?’ ‘Yes. That needed to happen.’ ‘It did?’ He nodded once and bent as though he were going to do it again. I stiffened, my hands moved instantly to his chest and I thwarted his advance-because, if he started kissing me, it was surely a sign of Armageddon.

Apparently Armageddon…

I gave this book a 4.6 of 5 stars. <– This might be because I now have to continue on to the next book (part?) because of this cliffhanger she just gave me… I have to say that this is the second series that I have started by Penny and she doesn’t disappoint. The characters are well thought out and hilarious, they have unique personalities and they are intellectually funny. She has perfected the method behind the intelligent character. She doesn’t just tell you that a character is smart (anyone can do that) she shows their intellect through the way they act and speak, and she does it in a way that doesn’t make you as the reader feel stupid (I mean I do look up some words they use, but it’s not a lot and they are humorous most of the time). Katy is definitely my favorite character, with her awkward social interactions and witty commentary. She is also very annoying in that she is very naïve, but she is also changing which is satisfying to watch. Martin is frustrating as a character with his complicated personality but it is also understandable. This is definitely NOT a standalone and I would recommend that you purchase all three books at the same time and get comfortable because you will most likely spend all day trying to finish… Don’t say I did warn you…

Play with me (With me in Seattle #3) by Kristen Proby


‘Tell me.’ He insists. ‘Tell you what?’ I whisper. He grins and whispers back, ‘What I did to piss you off, Meg.’ ‘I’ve repeatedly sent messages to your PR people for the past two years asking for you and your team to come up and see my kids. Every request has been shot down, saying that you’re not interested.’ He frowns and slightly shakes his head. ‘I’ve never received anything from PR about going to Children’s.’ ‘Right,’ I respond sarcastically and try to pull back so I can’t smell his musky scent. It’s doing things to me. I want to lick his neck.

Meg is a rocker chick turned nurse in the cancer wing of the children’s hospital.

Will is Will Montgomery, the quarterback for the Seahawks (football… he’s fictional, the team’s real)

Natalie giggles at me. ‘Meg you’re funny. I’m glad you’re hanging out with us again.’

‘Dude, you got her?’ Caleb asks.

‘Yeah, I got her,’ Will confirms.

‘Who you got?’ I ask.

‘You, drunk girl. Come on.’ He turns to lead me toward the exit, and I start to follow him, but for some reason my feet don’t work very well.

‘Um, Will?’


‘I lost my feet.’

‘What?’ he laughs and pinches the bridge of his nose.

‘I can’t find my feet.’

Why is everyone laughing at me? This is serious!

Instant attraction, Sassy smart-mouths, secrets, groupies, and a crazy mother… What more does a good book need?

I give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. My favorite character was actually a minor one, Nick, one of Meg’s kids in oncology. He just left a big impression on me even though he wasn’t even really in the book (you’d like him too). Anyway I like Meg for her strength, her strength was different from Jules (Fight with me). She had an inner strength and even though there were times when she was knocked down she always got back up. I liked Will in that he never pushed for what she wasn’t ready for and he always respected her and let her know it. They also had a magnetic attraction 😉 . And as always if you read the other books before this one everyone is in it and their lives are also continuing… so, you don’t have to say goodbye. As with the other books in this series, this book can be read as a standalone but it’s way better when you read them in order!

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Fight with Me (With me in Seattle #2) by Kristen Proby


I can do this. Pull it together Montgomery. I’ve posed naked in magazines. I’ve had dinner with gazillionaires and hung out with movie stars. I have four older brothers who tease me incessantly, and taught me how to kick ass. I can handle the sexiest man I’ve ever seen in my life for a few hours without ripping my clothes off and having my wicked way with him. I think. Probably.

Jules is hot for Nate

Nate wants to make her his

The only problem is Nate’s her boss and there’s this pesky no fraternization policy at work.

I climb out of the ring and Rich meets me once again to help me out of the head gear and to cut the tape off my hands. ‘Not bad, baby doll.’ ‘I have four older brothers. I had to learn to defend myself against them. Mom couldn’t always be there to referee.’ I grin at Rich. I like him already. The crowd thins again, all the guys go back to their own workouts and Nate joins us. ‘Ready to go?’ ‘Sure.’ ‘You come back anytime, girl.’ Rich hugs me-hugs me!-and smiles at Nate.’ You can come too, if you must.’ ‘Gee, thanks, dad.’

Can’t say whether rules will actually keep them apart… especially with all the sparks flying

They have to be careful, because sparks can light pretty big fires. And even the best laid houses can go up in flames… (dramatic, no?)

I gave this book a 4.6 out of 5 stars. My favorite character is probably Jules because she’s funny, strong and independent. One thing I don’t like about her is that she jumps to conclusions too often, especially without talk to the person in question (typically Nate). I liked Nate for the most part but he did manage to get on my nerves at times, I thought he was a bit manipulative. I have to say that I expected the characters to have more growth than they did so I was a bit disappointed there but otherwise it was great. I also like that the other characters from the first book in the series were present and active in this book. This can be read as a standalone, but it’s better when you start at the beginning!

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Come away with me

Easy by Tammara Webber


‘Please don’t, please don’t, oh God stop-stop-stop…’ I hated the weedy sound of my powerless voice. His weight lifted from me for a split second-he’d changed his mind, or he was repositioning- I didn’t wait to find out which. Twisting and pulling my legs up, I felt the spiky heels of my shoes tear into the pliant leather as I propelled myself to the far side of the bench seat and scrambled for the handle. Blood rushed in my ears as my body rallied for all-out fight or flight. And then I stopped, because Buck was no longer in the truck at all. At first, I couldn’t figure out why he was standing there, just past the door, facing away from me. And then his head snapped back. Twice.

When Jackie is almost raped leaving a campus party Lucas is the one to save her. She is conflicted over how she feels about him because the day after the incident her boyfriend (different guy) of three years dumps her because he wants to ‘play the field’.

Lucas is attracted to Jackie but there is more to him than meets the eye, and secrets he’s not ready to share.

Fingers grazed the back of my arm, and I took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly before turning around. Good thing, too- because it was Lucas who stood there, his eyes dropping to my cleavage for a split second. He crooked an eyebrow and grazed into my eyes with a faint smile, unapologetic for looking.

I gave this book 3.7 out of 5 stars. My favorite character in this book was actually the main character’s best friend Erin. Although in the beginning she just seems to be your stereotypical college party/sorority girl she is actually the most honest character in the book. She knows what she wants and what she believes in and she acts in line with those interests. The two main characters were also interesting and they were actually great in that they weren’t perfect. They were flawed and at times broken, but they didn’t give up on themselves or one another. I think that for their situations they were very realistic and sometimes I would be screaming at my book because I didn’t agree with what they did or they just needed to be cheered for (because even if they can’t hear me I feel better 😛 ) Anyway, this is a standalone but there is also a second book in the series that is told from Lucas’ POV (his past and book present, you’ll understand why that’s intriguing if you read this one 😉 )