The Gilded Cage by Lauren Smith


WARNING: I was graciously given an ARC for this book via Netgalley and it will not be available for purchase till June 9, 2015 (but it is up for preorder). Also there are spoilers if you haven’t read the first book of the series The Gilded Cuff!




Finding Fenn Lockwood is Hayden’s chance to prove to her parents that she’s more than just a pawn to further their wealth and connections. So when his life is threatened by a raging bull she jumps in (literally) to save him (I have to say that she was either really brave or really stupid for this by the way…).

That crazy girl saved you,’ George announced with a mixture of amusement and relief. ‘Tell me that really didn’t happen,’ Fenn demanded as he accepted his hat when one of the other riders held it out to him. He smacked it roughly with his palm, creating a cloud of sand and dirt around it. ‘Oh, it did,’ George chuckled. ‘A woman just saved your sorry ass. A hot one, too. She’s probably a buckle bunny. Play your cars right and you might be riding that tonight. I hope you can last longer than eight seconds!’ George whooped and slapped him on the back as they walked toward the open gate.

Things get more complicated as she finds herself attracted to him and he soon starts to become more than just her ticket to freedom. But do they really have a future? Especially when an assassin is out for blood, namely Fenn and his brother Emery’s.

‘You’re Fenn Lockwood. Famous missing twin of the Lockwood family from Long Island. Haven’t you heard the story?’ Fenn shook his head. ‘What story?’ ‘At age eight, you were kidnapped from your home in Westin, Long Island. No one ever saw you again and everyone thought you were dead. You have a twin brother, Emery, who’s looking for you…’ She trailed off as the sight of blood draining from his face made her dramatic speech wither on her tongue. Fenn leaned forward, slid his hand into her hair and clenched it, holding her in place, his face inches from hers. ‘Start talking, honey.’

I gave this book 4.8 out of 5 stars. Compared to the first book in the series I feel that this one is a bit more predictable and therefore a bit anticlimactic. That’s really where it lost the most points with me, I felt that once I knew all the players in the story I knew where it was going. Otherwise I really liked the characters again. You learn more about Hayden and her struggles and get to really meet Fenn. Like in the first book I liked how the main characters were able to fill out what one another needed and they were able to help one another through different situations. I also liked how it tied so well with the first book and that there were parts from Emery’s POV as well. You should definitely read it as it pretty much closes the mystery about who was trying to kill Fenn and Emery. Just know that though it does pretty much draw Fenn and Emery’s stories to an end there will be more in the series 😉 !

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