Sight by Juliet Madison


I always thought I’d spend my sixteenth birthday at home with my four sisters and closest friends having the sleepover of all sleepovers with streamers and balloons overtaking the living room, a bottomless bowl of salt and vinegar potato chips, and enough chocolate to feed a small country. We’d watch movies, pausing occasionally to drool over hot actors, before turning up the music and dancing around like lunatics…. Instead, I spent my birthday fast asleep. In a coma, to be exact. Not exactly the picture I had in mind, and I doubt the picture my sister’s had in mind either.

Savannah (Savvy) is a triplet along with her sisters Serena and Sasha. Their older sisters Tamara and Talia are twins… and if that isn’t strange enough for you after Savannah wakes from her coma all of the sisters gain powers.

Each girl has a heightened sense and when they ‘link’ together they are able to sense the future with their particular sense (Savvy has sight, she sees the event but can’t hear, taste, smell, or feel anything in the vision)

A few people filmed the scene on their phones; many hands covered mouths in shock, and others exchanged ‘oh dears’ and ‘can you believe its’ and ‘not agains’. Wait. Not again? Had something like this happened before? Despite the fire being farther up the road, the radiant heat warmed my face; it was like standing near a heater. My hot eyes stung, but not as much as earlier that day. We’d seen this, predicted in a way, and yet we’d been unable to prevent it. I glanced at Serena who wore a worried, almost guilty expression. ‘Why would we foresee something like this if we weren’t able to stop it? It’s not fair,’ she whispered. ‘I feel partly responsible.’

I gave this book a 2 out of 5 stars. I think that this is a very interesting concept but it’s not all there yet. I wouldn’t write this series off yet as it is clearly just getting started and the characters aren’t all developed yet. This one focused on Savannah and pretty much introduced all the characters. My favorite thing about Savvy is that she doesn’t let her circumstances get her down, she is strong and she knows what she wants (as much as she can for a 16 year old) and is confident in herself. There is a bit of romance but it’s more background to the storyline (but I expect that will change with the next books). Overall this is definitely a YA story (with the oldest sister being around 18, all are in the same highschool) but I look forward to the next books. Learning more about the girls, their visions, and the crazy things that happen to them… (did I mention the arsonist/ crazy person would might become a murderer(if the girls fail to find them)? Yeah, so it’s definitely not a standalone but it left me mildly curious about the next book in the series.

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