The Gilded Cuff by Lauren Smith


Over the last year she’d become obsessed with the photo and had taken to looking at it when she needed reassurance. Its subject had been kidnapped but survived and escaped, when so many children like him over the years had not been so lucky. Sophie’s throat constricted, and shards of invisible glass dug into her throat as she tried to shrug off her own awful memories. Her best friend Rachel, the playground, that man with the gray van…

Sophie is an investigative reporter. Her tumultuous past and her own experiences have led her to this path and she is determined to save as many lives as she can.

Enter Emery, he and his twin brother were kidnapped 25 years ago and only he returned (escaped). Sophie is sure that the person who kidnapped him all those years ago isn’t finished… she’s sure he wants Emery dead.

She was going home with Emery Lockwood. One of the richest men in America. Yet it wasn’t his wealth that made her fight off the rippling tremors at the base of her spine and in her womb. No, it was the fact that she was going home with a man who kissed her like she was the last woman on earth and time was ending. If he kissed like that, sex with him would be the Apocalypse. She’d never survive it.

Both are looking for answers.

One’s life is on the line.

Through a little soft-core BDSM…

What could go wrong?

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars! I loved it because of the characters and storyline. It wasn’t your typical eyes meet and then they’re in love story. Yes, they were attracted to one another from the start but they had to learn to trust on another and open up to each other as well. Emery was a jaded and wounded dominate personality and Sophie was strong, but lost. They complemented one another personality wise and because of an agreement in the beginning were willing to work together for what they wanted. One of the best parts is that the storyline was never lost in the character progression (I’ve read several where I get confused because the author got so focused on character progression that the storyline fell flat or was super rushed at the end). The storyline was solid, consistent and there wasn’t really a dull moment (though there were times I had to force myself to read slower because I wanted to skip the descriptive parts to get to the talking part). This book can be read as a standalone, but it is a part of a series (as of this review the second book to the series comes out in June).



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