Broken by Kelly Elliot

Broken Cover

I’m so blessed. I was blessed with wonderful parents, with the greatest best friend in the world-who had picked out this dress for Roger’s graduation party- and with the handsomest and sweetest boyfriend ever. Roger was the love of my life. ‘Mom, you know Roger is leaving right after graduation to work for his dad’s company in New York City. He wants me to go, and I really want to.’ My mother sighed. ‘College Whitney.’ ‘Mom, I want to learn all about the party-planning business. I want to have my own company someday. New York City is the best place for me to get started.’ I rotated and faced my mother. ‘Don’t be mad.’ ‘Ah hell, Whit. That usually means I’m going to be mad.’

When Whitney left home to pursue her dreams and be with the man of her dreams she never thought that her dream would become her worst nightmare.

Layton thought that the worst thing that could happen to him was his mother’s cancer diagnosis… then she died. After her death, things and people were never the same and now Layton is all alone.

She’s running from her problem and he’s working to lose his pain in booze, work and women. They are both doing everything they can to run from their pasts and happen to collide in Llano, Texas.

I walked into the bathroom, and I closed the door. Leaning against it, I put my head back on it and sighed. I closed my eyes, and all I could see was Layton and his amazing eyes…and body…and smile.

Two people were brought together by bad circumstances, is there really any hope of them falling in love (and being happy)?

I gave this book 3.4 stars out of 5. I really didn’t like the main characters going in… liked their best friends. But as they rediscovered their selves and began to rebuild their lives I came to know them as people better and they began to grow on me. Some parts are pretty predictable and I knew from the get go that some of the events were going to happen, but in some cases I was pleasantly surprised with how the characters handled said situations. This was a standalone, but there are also books about some of the other characters as well (YAY!).

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