Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons Book 1) by Christina Lauren


The day we officially graduate from college is nothing like how it’s depicted in the movies. I throw my cap in the air and it comes down and cracks someone in the forehead. The keynote speaker loses his notes in a gust of wind and decides to wing it, delivering a thoroughly uninspired commencement address on turning mistakes into the building blocks for a brighter tomorrow, complete with awkward stories about his recent divorce. No one on film ever looks like they’re going to die of heatstroke in their polyester gown… I’d pay someone a lot of money to burn all the pictures that were taken of me today.

But it still manages to be perfect.

Because holy shit, we’re done.

Mia and her best friends Harlow and Lola have just graduated college and to celebrate their achievement they go where any self-respecting college graduate with a newfound sense of freedom would…LAS VEGAS.

I don’t do eye contact well. I don’t usually do conversation well, either. In fact, the only muscles I never seemed to really master were the ones required for easy speech. But for some reason-let’s blame the alcohol-and without looking away from the hot man across the bar, my lips readily form the word ‘Hi.’ He says it back, before pulling the corner of his lip between his teeth, and wow, he should do that every day and to every person he meets for the rest of his life. He has a dimple and I reassure myself that it’s just the lighting and shadows playing it up because there’s no way in hell something so simple could possibly be this adorable.

Ansel and his boys Finn and Oliver are on a short vacation in Vegas when he seeing Mia from across the room.

Sparks fly.

Let’s just say that… What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay.

I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. My favorite character would have to be Ansel with his loving personality (which can get him in trouble) and his dirty mind (and mouth, oh the things he teaches Mia to say in French). At first I didn’t necessarily like Mia, but as I read on and she grew she got better. I didn’t think that I would like their relationship because it was sort of rushed, but I was pleasantly surprised when everything slowed down(in a good way) and they really got to know one another. I didn’t like that so much of their relationship was based on sex, it wasn’t bad but it did over take the storyline at parts. This book can be read as a standalone, but there are other books in the series (about different characters). I also have to say that I’m excited to read the next book in the series because it’s about one of Mia’s best friends Harlow (she made me laugh).

Archer’s Voice (Sign of Love #3) by Mia Sheridan


Because of his goodness and service, Zeus made Chiron a part of the stars, the constellation, Sagittarius, where his beauty could be gazed upon for all time. Chiron’s wound symbolizes the transformative power of suffering-how personal pain, both physical and emotional, can become the source of great moral and spiritual strength.

As I walked back through my own yard to get my purse out of the house, I spotted a lone dandelion full of fluff. I bent and plucked it out of the ground and held it up to my lips, closing my eyes and recalling Anne’s words. After a minute, I whispered, ‘peace,’ before I blew and watched the fluff float out of sight, hoping that somehow one of those seeds carrying my whisper would reach that something or someone who had the power to make wishes come true.

Bree is running. She’s running from her horrible past and her friends, she’s looking for something she lost… she’s just not sure what it is.

He turned and started walking away. ‘Hey, wait!’ I called, starting to step after him. I stopped myself though, frowning as he moved away from me, his body moving with grace as he started to jog slowly toward the street. The strangest feeling of loss washed over me as he crossed and walked out of sight. I got in my car and sat there unmoving for a couple minutes, wondering at the odd encounter. When I finally started the engine, I noticed that there was something on my windshield. I went to turn on the spray, when I stopped and leaned forward, looking more closely. Dandelion seeds were scattered across the glass, and as a light breeze blew, the fluffy ends were caught in the moving air and danced delicately off my windshield as they took flight, moving away from me, in the direction the man had gone.

Archer is lost. He’s lost something that some have led him to believe is what makes a man a man. He has cut himself off from the world and doesn’t think he is missing anything… until Bree trespasses on his property one evening.

I gave this book 4.8 out of 5 stars. My favorite character in this book is Archer. I love how he reacts to situations (most of the time) and how naïve he is to the world (normally the girl is the naïve one). He kept stealing y heart with the things he would say (I swooned… a lot). Bree comes in second with her determination and worldliness (she is well put together for what she went through). I really liked how all the characters were well put together and though there were background characters even they were provided with a back story (for the most part). This book is technically part of the Sign of Love series, but it is a standalone (so read it! 😉 ) I have to say that I have read a couple books by Mia Sheridan and she has yet to let me down with her characters (or their storyline) and each one is unique in the way it makes you cry (yep, I’ve read this twice and shed a tear both times).

Read my review on Leo book 1 in the series

The Gilded Cage by Lauren Smith


WARNING: I was graciously given an ARC for this book via Netgalley and it will not be available for purchase till June 9, 2015 (but it is up for preorder). Also there are spoilers if you haven’t read the first book of the series The Gilded Cuff!




Finding Fenn Lockwood is Hayden’s chance to prove to her parents that she’s more than just a pawn to further their wealth and connections. So when his life is threatened by a raging bull she jumps in (literally) to save him (I have to say that she was either really brave or really stupid for this by the way…).

That crazy girl saved you,’ George announced with a mixture of amusement and relief. ‘Tell me that really didn’t happen,’ Fenn demanded as he accepted his hat when one of the other riders held it out to him. He smacked it roughly with his palm, creating a cloud of sand and dirt around it. ‘Oh, it did,’ George chuckled. ‘A woman just saved your sorry ass. A hot one, too. She’s probably a buckle bunny. Play your cars right and you might be riding that tonight. I hope you can last longer than eight seconds!’ George whooped and slapped him on the back as they walked toward the open gate.

Things get more complicated as she finds herself attracted to him and he soon starts to become more than just her ticket to freedom. But do they really have a future? Especially when an assassin is out for blood, namely Fenn and his brother Emery’s.

‘You’re Fenn Lockwood. Famous missing twin of the Lockwood family from Long Island. Haven’t you heard the story?’ Fenn shook his head. ‘What story?’ ‘At age eight, you were kidnapped from your home in Westin, Long Island. No one ever saw you again and everyone thought you were dead. You have a twin brother, Emery, who’s looking for you…’ She trailed off as the sight of blood draining from his face made her dramatic speech wither on her tongue. Fenn leaned forward, slid his hand into her hair and clenched it, holding her in place, his face inches from hers. ‘Start talking, honey.’

I gave this book 4.8 out of 5 stars. Compared to the first book in the series I feel that this one is a bit more predictable and therefore a bit anticlimactic. That’s really where it lost the most points with me, I felt that once I knew all the players in the story I knew where it was going. Otherwise I really liked the characters again. You learn more about Hayden and her struggles and get to really meet Fenn. Like in the first book I liked how the main characters were able to fill out what one another needed and they were able to help one another through different situations. I also liked how it tied so well with the first book and that there were parts from Emery’s POV as well. You should definitely read it as it pretty much closes the mystery about who was trying to kill Fenn and Emery. Just know that though it does pretty much draw Fenn and Emery’s stories to an end there will be more in the series 😉 !

Sight by Juliet Madison


I always thought I’d spend my sixteenth birthday at home with my four sisters and closest friends having the sleepover of all sleepovers with streamers and balloons overtaking the living room, a bottomless bowl of salt and vinegar potato chips, and enough chocolate to feed a small country. We’d watch movies, pausing occasionally to drool over hot actors, before turning up the music and dancing around like lunatics…. Instead, I spent my birthday fast asleep. In a coma, to be exact. Not exactly the picture I had in mind, and I doubt the picture my sister’s had in mind either.

Savannah (Savvy) is a triplet along with her sisters Serena and Sasha. Their older sisters Tamara and Talia are twins… and if that isn’t strange enough for you after Savannah wakes from her coma all of the sisters gain powers.

Each girl has a heightened sense and when they ‘link’ together they are able to sense the future with their particular sense (Savvy has sight, she sees the event but can’t hear, taste, smell, or feel anything in the vision)

A few people filmed the scene on their phones; many hands covered mouths in shock, and others exchanged ‘oh dears’ and ‘can you believe its’ and ‘not agains’. Wait. Not again? Had something like this happened before? Despite the fire being farther up the road, the radiant heat warmed my face; it was like standing near a heater. My hot eyes stung, but not as much as earlier that day. We’d seen this, predicted in a way, and yet we’d been unable to prevent it. I glanced at Serena who wore a worried, almost guilty expression. ‘Why would we foresee something like this if we weren’t able to stop it? It’s not fair,’ she whispered. ‘I feel partly responsible.’

I gave this book a 2 out of 5 stars. I think that this is a very interesting concept but it’s not all there yet. I wouldn’t write this series off yet as it is clearly just getting started and the characters aren’t all developed yet. This one focused on Savannah and pretty much introduced all the characters. My favorite thing about Savvy is that she doesn’t let her circumstances get her down, she is strong and she knows what she wants (as much as she can for a 16 year old) and is confident in herself. There is a bit of romance but it’s more background to the storyline (but I expect that will change with the next books). Overall this is definitely a YA story (with the oldest sister being around 18, all are in the same highschool) but I look forward to the next books. Learning more about the girls, their visions, and the crazy things that happen to them… (did I mention the arsonist/ crazy person would might become a murderer(if the girls fail to find them)? Yeah, so it’s definitely not a standalone but it left me mildly curious about the next book in the series.

The Gilded Cuff by Lauren Smith


Over the last year she’d become obsessed with the photo and had taken to looking at it when she needed reassurance. Its subject had been kidnapped but survived and escaped, when so many children like him over the years had not been so lucky. Sophie’s throat constricted, and shards of invisible glass dug into her throat as she tried to shrug off her own awful memories. Her best friend Rachel, the playground, that man with the gray van…

Sophie is an investigative reporter. Her tumultuous past and her own experiences have led her to this path and she is determined to save as many lives as she can.

Enter Emery, he and his twin brother were kidnapped 25 years ago and only he returned (escaped). Sophie is sure that the person who kidnapped him all those years ago isn’t finished… she’s sure he wants Emery dead.

She was going home with Emery Lockwood. One of the richest men in America. Yet it wasn’t his wealth that made her fight off the rippling tremors at the base of her spine and in her womb. No, it was the fact that she was going home with a man who kissed her like she was the last woman on earth and time was ending. If he kissed like that, sex with him would be the Apocalypse. She’d never survive it.

Both are looking for answers.

One’s life is on the line.

Through a little soft-core BDSM…

What could go wrong?

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars! I loved it because of the characters and storyline. It wasn’t your typical eyes meet and then they’re in love story. Yes, they were attracted to one another from the start but they had to learn to trust on another and open up to each other as well. Emery was a jaded and wounded dominate personality and Sophie was strong, but lost. They complemented one another personality wise and because of an agreement in the beginning were willing to work together for what they wanted. One of the best parts is that the storyline was never lost in the character progression (I’ve read several where I get confused because the author got so focused on character progression that the storyline fell flat or was super rushed at the end). The storyline was solid, consistent and there wasn’t really a dull moment (though there were times I had to force myself to read slower because I wanted to skip the descriptive parts to get to the talking part). This book can be read as a standalone, but it is a part of a series (as of this review the second book to the series comes out in June).



Forbidden Surrender by Priscilla West


‘The hours I’ve spent analyzing his images in the name of research did not-could not-prepare me for the real thing. In the most recent photo I can find, he was up to his waist in the sea and approaching the shore beaming a heart stopping smile like some sort of mythical sex God is there to clean his offerings. It wasn’t difficult to imagine virgins voluntarily saw the sacrificing themselves to him. But that picture was taken months ago and his dirty blonde hair and then short then. Now it flowed, framing is features like a portrait fit for display in a museum. For an instant all I could think about was how it would feel to run my hands through those silky locks.’

Vincent is a bad boy billionaire who made his money doing what he loves.

Kristen is a relatively straight-laced (self description) hedge fund manager.

When she literally falls onto him in a meeting, sparks fly.
He waved me over. In disbelief, I pointed my finger at my chest as I mouthed “me?” and he nodded. What did he want with me? I looked to Riley for advice and was met with her shooing motions. Sensing an opportunity to clear up any confusion over this morning’s meeting, I worked my way through the crowd to him. The women around him were reluctant to make room, shooting me catty-glares, but I managed to wiggle through an opening. “Hello Kristen,” he said. He did remember my name. “Hello Mr. Sorenson.” “Please, just call me Vincent. I didn’t expect to see you here, but now that you are, this’ll be a lot more interesting.” He grinned

Lets just say that he’s a risk taker and from the moment they meet (again) she knows being with him could be one crazy thrill ride.

I gave this book a 3 out of 5 stars. I did really like that she had a financially stable job and could take care of herself. On the other hand some of the things that she let him get away with got on my nerves (especially since I had to hear all about how it wasn’t a good idea in her head). I did enjoy the dynamic between them with him being more of a risk taker and her well, not. They added to and tempered each other’s personalities. WARNING: This is the first book in a trilogy (but they are all out as well) NOT a standalone!

Broken by Kelly Elliot

Broken Cover

I’m so blessed. I was blessed with wonderful parents, with the greatest best friend in the world-who had picked out this dress for Roger’s graduation party- and with the handsomest and sweetest boyfriend ever. Roger was the love of my life. ‘Mom, you know Roger is leaving right after graduation to work for his dad’s company in New York City. He wants me to go, and I really want to.’ My mother sighed. ‘College Whitney.’ ‘Mom, I want to learn all about the party-planning business. I want to have my own company someday. New York City is the best place for me to get started.’ I rotated and faced my mother. ‘Don’t be mad.’ ‘Ah hell, Whit. That usually means I’m going to be mad.’

When Whitney left home to pursue her dreams and be with the man of her dreams she never thought that her dream would become her worst nightmare.

Layton thought that the worst thing that could happen to him was his mother’s cancer diagnosis… then she died. After her death, things and people were never the same and now Layton is all alone.

She’s running from her problem and he’s working to lose his pain in booze, work and women. They are both doing everything they can to run from their pasts and happen to collide in Llano, Texas.

I walked into the bathroom, and I closed the door. Leaning against it, I put my head back on it and sighed. I closed my eyes, and all I could see was Layton and his amazing eyes…and body…and smile.

Two people were brought together by bad circumstances, is there really any hope of them falling in love (and being happy)?

I gave this book 3.4 stars out of 5. I really didn’t like the main characters going in… liked their best friends. But as they rediscovered their selves and began to rebuild their lives I came to know them as people better and they began to grow on me. Some parts are pretty predictable and I knew from the get go that some of the events were going to happen, but in some cases I was pleasantly surprised with how the characters handled said situations. This was a standalone, but there are also books about some of the other characters as well (YAY!).

Wicked White by Michelle A. Valentine


It was lonely growing up as a foster child, bouncing from place to place- never really having a steady home. I never had time to make friends, not real ones anyway. That’s what led me to music. It was the one constant in my life. The one thing no one could ever take away from me. I spent most of my youth alone in my room, learning to play every instrument known to man. Focusing on something other than the fact that my real mother didn’t want me anymore seemed to keep me out of trouble.

Ace isn’t your typical rockstar, he learned from experience that people (for the most part) aren’t to be trusted. He has been betrayed or taken advantage of all his life (there are exceptions) and when the one person who has always been there for him, needs him he leaves everything to be there.

Her green eyes focus on my face as if she’s attempting to figure me out, and she holds out the keys to me. ‘Welcome to the neighborhood, Mister…’ ‘Johnson, Ace Johnson.’ I tell her my real name, not the one I’m known to the world by, but don’t offer a smile. I have to resist her allure no matter how nice she is to me. When I don’t go into any more details about myself, she says, ‘Come on. Let’s get that paperwork done.’ As soon as I fill out the form, I give Iris eight hundred dollars in cash and walk out of the office. I can tell she believes I’m an asshole, and I hate that things have to be that way, because she seems nice, but it’s best for both of us if we don’t get involved. The crazy life I lead would chew up and spit out a nice little country bumpkin like Iris.

Iris is a small (tiny) town girl and her grandmother’s just died. She goes back home to get her affairs in order and finds more (responsibilities) than she was prepared for. Throw in a mysterious new hottie… I mean stranger and things just got interesting.

I gave this book a 3.2 out of 5 stars. I felt that this story was pretty good but there were some parts that bothered me. One of the main things I didn’t like was toward the end, there were certain problems that Ace and Iris faced (no I will not tell you what) and I felt that it was a bit too rushed. I did really like Ace until various things happened (he mishandled some situations) but he was really cool and I could connect with him better than the typical male lead. I didn’t really connect with Iris like I expected to, not saying that she was a bad character but I didn’t connect to her on the level I hoped. One of my favorite things about this book is that the story is told from both perspectives, so while I didn’t always agree with what was happening- I knew what went into making said decision. This was a standalone, so don’t worry about cliffhangers.


Across the Distance by Marie Meyer


Months ago, our easygoing friendship had morphed into an awkward dance of fleeting glances, lingering touches, and an unstoppable amount of tension. I thought he’d felt it, too. The night of my high school graduation party, I went out on a limb and kissed him. When our lips met, every nerve ending in my body fired at once. Embers of lust burned deep inside me. I’d never felt anything like that before. The thought of being intimate with someone made me want to run to the nearest convent. But not with Griffin. When our bodies connected, I felt whole and alive in a way I’d never felt before. Then he’d done what I’d least expected… he’d pushed me away.

Jillian and Griffin are best friends and they have been together through thick and thin, ever since her parents were killed in 9/11. He has helped her through everything, from dealing with an older sister who still blames her for their parents death to her own near death experience.

‘Here, what about this?’ He placed the applique on his head and batted his eyelashes. A swell of laughter pushed its way from my core and though my lips. ‘Or this,’ he continued, holding up each tassel to his chest, twirling them around suggestively. ‘Stop…stop,’ I cried, punching his shoulder, laughing. His strong hands lightly pushed me backward and I fell on my back, sighing. Griffin tossed the tassels back onto the pile and sat up on his knees, smiling at me. I laughed again and turned my head to look at him. ‘If the guys could see you now,’ I giggled. ‘Uh-uh,’ he tsked, waving his index finger back and forth. He shuffled on his knees through the glittery mess between us and hovered over me. ‘You promised.’ Griffin pressed his calloused finger to my lips and smirked. ‘You locked it and threw away the key.’

I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. I really liked Griffin throughout this story. Even though he was a bit lost (feelings wise) at times, he ultimately always knows what he wants and he works to get it. Jillian got on my nerves in the beginning because I felt like she was holding onto all the negative things in her life rather than the positive(this got on my nerves, I yelled at her a bit… it made me feel better). Luckily, she grew throughout the story and became stronger with Griffin’s and her friends (and therapist’s) help. There were a few things in the story that were a bit confusing, but overall it was a great read and (though it was kinda predictable) I really enjoyed it and look forward to more from Marie Meyer in the future. It is a standalone by the way ;).