Tattoo Thief by Heidi Joy Tretheway

TT Cover

It’s no wonder rich people are always going on about their shrinks. I’m pretty sure they have split personalities.

Berry has lived in Eugene, Oregon for all her life. When she gets the opportunity to move to New York she all but jumps at the chance. But when she arrives she learns that not only is the best friend she was to stay with not answering the phone but where she was to live is also… otherwise occupied. After some misunderstandings and short stay in a sketchy motel, Berry gets down to business.

‘You didn’t tell me he’s a rock star.’ It’s a non sequitur but I can’t help myself. ‘ I didn’t think it mattered. Here’s the thing, Berry: our clients aren’t just rich. They’re private- jet rich. British-trained butler rich. And they all have this complex about wanting to be treated just like everyone else, but also wanting to be special.’ ‘ You mean, don’t make a big deal that he’s a rockstar?’ ‘Exactly. You make it a big deal, you go all fangirl on him, and he’ll freak. It’s like you’re invading his space. But if you treat him like you don’t know who he is, like this is just a professional relationship, and he’ll be OK letting you into his life so that we can do what we need to do.’

Thus starts Berry’s adventures as cleaner/ dog walker/ whatever is needed to the obscenely rich.

I gave this book a 3.6 out of 5 stars. This story is mostly about Berry and her exploits in the Big Apple. One thing that was really different about this book was that Gavin and Berry didn’t even actually meet each other till towards the end of the book. They got to know each other through phone calls and emails. I actually liked this scenario more than I thought that I would. Berry is a little city girl in the big apple and in the beginning everything that could go wrong does, but I like her perseverance as well as her never give up attitude. Gavin is the moody rockstar with troubles from his past that haunt him, but he’s actually a pretty cool guy(He just got caught up in the troubles that come with fame). There are some minor twists, but nothing too unexpected. Overall I really like Berry’s wanderlust and the banter between Gavin and herself. This can be read as a standalone (but there are more in the series).

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