Beneath the Surface (Reluctance #1) by M.A. Stacie


‘So, as I’m the boss- the CEO- I think it’s time to return to business,’ he stated, his tone cold. ‘The Reese Corporation was started many years ago by our father, Jacob. We basically buy failing companies and make new ones out of them.’ ‘I know.’ She interrupted him as he turned to face her. ‘You’re Edward Lewis.’ Racking his brain, Kyran tried to place who the hell Edward Lewis was. It could be the mail boy- he was fairly sure his name was Edward- but then why would she be comparing him to someone who delivered the mail from floor to floor? He was lost. The woman was driving him crazy with her silly talk and interruptions. With anyone else, Kyran would have called a halt to the meeting, or at least put them in their place, but Ms. Porter had him fumbling for a grip on the situation. He didn’t like it one bit.

In case you don’t know Edward Lewis is Richard Gere’s character in the movie Pretty Woman. Kyran is (as he said) CEO of the company that Dale has just been hired to work at. There should be no problem, but with the tangible sexual energy between them it’s only a matter of time before things get complicated.

The butterflies in her stomach started doing the samba as she pulled on the ribbon. She lifted off the lid and stared at the single, white orchid nestled between folds of lilac tissue paper. Her ex would never have been so thoughtful, nor would he have thanked her for anything. The flower could have only come from one person. Kyran.

Kyran must face his personal and familial demons in order to be with Dale but his ‘holier than thou’ attitude keeps getting in the way… Will he be able to face his demons in order to keep Dale’s heart and protect his own? Or will his demons overpower him and lead him down a path to self-destruction? I know, but you’ll have to delve Beneath the Surface (like what I did there? :P).

I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. I really liked the fact that the story was told from both character’s point of view. I also liked that they were pretty realistic, Kyran a CEO with a secret fighting addiction, daddy issues and a troublesome relationship with his brother. On the other hand there is Dale, a strong, confident woman, who was betrayed in her last relationship. I liked how Dale knew what she wanted and what she needed and how she would make changes if her needs weren’t met. On the other hand I didn’t like how Kyran’s character was a bit too predictable (still likeable, just very predictable as well). All in all it was a good standalone story and now I’m curious about Taylor and his future!

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