Stripped by Jasinda Wilder

Stripped cover

‘Grey I don’t approve of dancing. God does not approve of dancing.’ Mom to the rescue: ‘Now Erik, you know that’s not what the Scriptures say. You’re just being a cantankerous old dinosaur. David danced before the Lord. The Psalms mention dancing to honor the Lord in several passages.’ She glides to Daddy’s side and presses up against his arm, resting her hand on his shoulder. ‘Our daughter knows right from wrong, and you know it. She just wants to bring glory to God by using the talents He’s given her.’

Grey has grown up in a very religious household, and while she loves her religion, sometimes her father (a pastor) can make her life a bit suffocating. Now, the one person who was always there for her to talk to or to smooth things over with her father (her mom) is gone and Grey’s a bit lost. And things with her father only continue to get worst, especially when she tells him she plans to pursue her dream of film-making in… Hollywood (Land of Sin!!! ß her father’s words not mine) After arriving in Hollywood she proceeds to attend college on scholarship (as daddy’s disowned his little girl) and everything’s peachy until, her scholarship runs out…

I ride the bus line farther and farther away, asking anywhere and everywhere if they’re hiring. No one is. And then I see a ‘NOW HIRING’ sign. My stomach sinks when I see the name of the establishment: Exotic Nights Gentleman’s Club. The hiring notice says, ‘Now hiring exotic dancers. Inquire within for details.’ I may be a naïve pastor’s daughter from Macon, Georgia, but I know what a gentleman’s club is, what exotic dancer means.

Grey must not only wrestle with her moral compass, but also with the unwanted advances of the ‘gentlemen’ at the club. Enter a sexy movie star she must handle at her internship (with a producer) Grey’s life gets a bit crazier.

I give this a 4.3 out of 5 stars. I really liked Grey’s character and how in depth the author went into her life (and therefore her mind). Since I was able to experience her past with her I could better understand her dilemmas as well as the reasoning behind why she reacted to things the way she did. Dawson was also an interesting character, you don’t really get into his head but you do get to know him with Grey (kinda like if you were dating him yourself) I actually enjoyed getting to know him and loved how he respected her (famous movie star and an exotic dancer, very Pretty Womanish).

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