Broken Hart (The Hart Family #1) by Ella Fox

BH COver

Sabrina is the eighth woman in her office to interview for the position of Dante’s assistant. She’s sure that all the other women could work for him because he was a hard-ass, until she waked into his office…

It was extremely fortunate that I’d had time to compose myself and school my expression, because when Dante looked up and our eyes met for the first time, I felt a jolt of energy travel through my body like a remarkably strong static electric charge. I felt it everywhere, from the top of my head to my toes, and most shockingly in my sex, which clenched in response. It took everything I had not to swoon or blush, but somehow I managed it. I wanted him from that very first moment, but I had priorities that didn’t include genuflecting at my bosses’ feet.

The longer she works for him the harder it is to deny what she feels for him…

My feelings for Dante had evolved from a crush, to an infatuation, to something deeper. I tried always to be mindful of the fact that he had absolutely no interest in dating, and that he didn’t believe in marriage or committed relationships

I gave this a 2.8 out of 5 stars. Though I really enjoyed this story, I felt it left a lot to be desired. In my opinion the elicit affairs overpowered the story line, I really did like the characters and wanted more from them. Sabrina is strong but she tends to take the easy way out in order to avoid being hurt while Dante is the seemingly perfect man (he cooks, he cleans, is financially stable, handsome, etc) the only problem is he won’t commit. Something in his past has he convinced that marriage and relationships are the one thing that he should never do. This is the first in a series so I do have hope that as the series continues there will be more light shed on Sabrina and Dante as well as their families (don’t worry you do get closure on their relationship at the end of this book… but you’ll want to keep reading).

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