Reckless By Priscilla West

Reckless Cover

Riley just happens to be at a bar with friends when pandemonium strikes after the night’s band is announced. Never has she seen people go crazy like this… so she decides to fight (and I mean there was almost some literal fighting) her way to the front of the stage when she hears him…

I’d been to a lot of concerts, but I’d never heard a voice like that before. Heart racing with more than anxiety, I was suddenly reminded of an old myth I read in high school: man-eating half-bird-half-woman creatures who would use their beautiful voices to lure men to their doom. Back then, it seemed like a silly story- what voice could have that effect on people? But now, listening to another soaring chorus, I was beginning to rethink that opinion. Was I listening to a male Siren?

After a strange and embarrassing mishap backstage Riley is sure she’s seen the last of her sexy ‘Stud’ when her job (accountant) brings them together once again.

No, it wasn’t a marathon. It was a mob, and they were headed in my direction. The throng of men appeared to be chasing someone in a white tank and black jeans. I couldn’t make out his face from this distance, but I could tell from his figure that he was fit. A few of the men behind him were waving around wooden baseball bats. It looked so much like Frankenstein’s monster getting chased out of town by angry villagers that I half-expected to see some of them carrying pitchforks and torches.

Yeah, he literal ran into her for their next meeting. She is the accountant assigned to get his band back on track and he’s the man-whorish lead singer of said band. She wants to ignore their attraction and he just sees that as a challenge… what could go wrong?

I give this book a 3.7 out of 5 stars. This isn’t a standalone, it is continued in Fearless. I did like the characters overall and found them to be entertaining. I liked Riley’s sense of self as well as her knack for getting in trouble. What I didn’t like was the way that she allowed men to treat her, I didn’t like that just because she got burned once she ran away. I wanted her to be stronger in that sense, there needed to be a confrontation or something. Jax was kinda complicated and I liked that about his character. I really can’t wait to see where they go from here and how they will grow and deal with their issues (and craziness) in the future.

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