Power and Possession (Reckless #1) by C.C. Gibbs

P&P COver

Oops. She skidded to a stop on the threshold of a large stateroom, the couple on the sofa went still, and she met hooded, amber-eyed gaze of her host. ‘Oh-God,sorry… wrong room,’ she stammered, feeling like a deer in the headlights under that hard, assessing stare, as well as seriously under dressed, although every other woman at the party was in a bikini too. ‘I was… just… looking for the loo.’ She started backing up. ‘Wait’ tossing a feathered sex toy behind the sofa, the gorgeous man on the couch quickly rolled off the woman beneath him and, coming to his feet, zipped up his khaki shorts. ‘Use this one’.

This is how Nicole meets Rafe, a controlling alpha male who sleeps with a different girl every night sometimes more. Nicole in no saint either though, she knows what she likes and she typically gets it. So what will happen when two people used to getting their way collide? Plenty.

‘I’m freaking out,’ he finally said. ‘Because this situation falls into the category of unnecessary complications and, as a rule, I generally avoid attachments.’ He smiled wryly. ‘Always, as a matter of fact. So’ – he took a quick breath- no disrespect, but I’m going to pass on this’

Obviously Nicole is able to talk Rafe out of his hesitations about their relationship but his background and her uncle… his hesitations are the least of their problems. (I mean let’s be honest with hackers, assassins and sex clubs what could go wrong? *all the sarcasm in the world was in that statement in case you were confused by the way* 😉 )

I gave this book a 2.3 out of 5 stars. For me this book was a mix between 50 shades of Gray and a Harlequin novel and it was definitely a bit smuttier than I’m used to. I liked the premise of the book but the characters left a lot to be desired. Nicole had the potential to be a really strong character, she speaks her mind and is very confident, but she comes off as combative and winey. Rafe had potential too, his past is complicated and he has relationship issues but his background is vague and sparsely mentioned. This book in my opinion had great potential but fell short because it had a lot of sex scenes but no real character development. As it is the first in a series I still have hope for the development of Nicole and Rafe and hope to learn more about them as characters in the future.

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