Withering Hope by Layla Hagen

WH Cover

Even though the flight isn’t one bit smoother, my anxiety loosens a bit. And then an entirely new kind of anxiety grips me. The plane starts losing height…. An uneasy feeling starts forming inside me. This hasn’t happened before. Still, I have full confidence in Tristen’s abilities. There is no reason to worry, so I do my best not to. Until a deafening sound comes from outside.

Aimee is getting married, she can’t wait to marry her childhood and best friend Chris. She decides to fly to Brazil (where they will marry) a day early on his private plane with Tristen, the pilot (and her driver) . Let’s just say that pre-wedding preparations are the least of her problems when the plane has a malfunction.

Chris. My wonderful fiancé, who I have known since I was a small child and with whom I practically grew up. With his round, blue eyes and stubborn blond curls, he still looks boyish, even at the age of twenty-seven and dressed in expensive suits. I’m thinking about him when the crash comes.

Literally everything that can go wrong has, Aimee and Tristen’s plane has crashed… in the middle of the Amazon rainforest (rainy season no less). Anything you think would help them to be found, is broken (flight plan? They deviated from the course to land. Radio transmissions? Radios broken. Black box? Ruined. Yeah, life’s sucking for them right now). The only things really going for them are 1. The plane is missing a wing but it’s inhabitable and 2. Tristen has mad survival skills.

That’s why I suspect his refuge in depressing poetry is related to those less joyous experiences he keeps from me. With every poem he shares, that inexplicable urge to hug him-or find a way, any way, to comfort him-grows. I want to make his dark cloud disappear. I need it to disappear, because I can’t stand to see him tormented.
I gave this book a 4.6 out of 5 stars.This book does a good job of letting you get to know the characters gradually over time and the more you learn about them the more you can understand about their personalities (which is really cool). I really liked the transitions that the characters went through; I enjoyed seeing them change and ultimately grow. They both had traumatic pasts they needed to deal with and being trapped together really made them depend on and trust one another. I also appreciated that we the readers got closure, life or death, in everyone’s ending and that nothing was really abrupt (sometimes authors can rush things and leave me confused).

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