The Girl Before Eve by Lisa J. Hobman

GBE Cover

She is my friend, Stewart Campbell, and if I see you pinch anything from her ever, ever again or try to push her over, I will punch you on the nose, and then I’ll tell Mrs. Craven and she’ll tell your mum, and then you’ll be grounded…forever!

Thus started the friendship of Adam and Lily.

When they were 6 years old Adam protected Lily from the school bully and ever since they have been inseparable.  As they grow their relationship stays relatively the same, despite the expectations of those around them.

They were two halves of the same whole. Two peas in a pod. They were the couple most likely to become a couple in high school, but had never actually made the transition from friends to something more than that. Always together but…never together.

Everything remains pretty much unchanged until…

The summer break prior to starting university had been a fateful one for Lily. One that in some ways broke her, but in many more ways she couldn’t possibly regret. It was the year she realized she was in love with Adam. She didn’t mean to fall for him; it was a complete accident. But fall for him she did. Hard.

Thus begins Lily’s inner struggle on whether to tell Adam how she feels about him or not. She doesn’t want to tell Adam how she feels and ruin their friendship, but she also knows she can’t live like this forever…that is until she accidentally introduces Adam to the love of his life.

“You’re not going to believe this!” She pulled the person who had been walking with her around to her side. “Adam…this is Eve! Ha ha! Adam and Eve.” She playfully gestured back and forth between the two. He smirked as his gaze moved up to meet the person in question. He swallowed hard and stared. Just stared.

Thus begins Lily’s heartbreak

This book travels with Adam and Lily through their lives, mostly taking place in their 20s and early 30s. I suggest that you be ready to scream in frustration when reading this book, but also know that there are a lot of heart touching moments as well (mostly frustration if I’m honest).

I give this book a 3.2 out of 5 stars. I gave it this rating because while it is a good book it can be confusing. I really liked Adam and Lily together from the beginning and was really frustrated when Eve came from nowhere to steal Adam’s heart. One thing that I really liked was that there was a song that went with every chapter and it pretty much set the tone for that chapter (and it typically matched how long it took me to read the chapter). One thing I do have to say is this, this book makes you scream in frustration and pull your hair out because you have to read from Lily’s point of view (how much she loves Adam but can’t tell him) then you have to read from Adam’s point of view (how much he loves Eve).  For me, rooting for Lily and Adam, I was pretty much dying inside. As I don’t want to ruin the story for you all I will say is this, everyone has closure in the end (so, read it if you dare).

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