Mayhem by Jamie Shaw

Mayhem cover

‘Did he leave you a voicemail?’ Dee asks. ‘Not yet. But he will.’ She nods as we both hop inside of her plum-purple Civic. ‘I still say we should’ve broken some of his shit.’ I shrug. ‘Then he’d be under the impression I care.’ ‘But you do care…’ I find the strength to give her a half smile. ‘ That’ll be our little secret.’

What starts as a girl’s night out to see the hot local band ends in heartbreak… and a new love?  Rowan could be your typical college freshman, except for the fact that she just moved in with her boyfriend Brady… who turns out to be cheating. Enter Adam, local manwhore and rockstar. Rowan is at one of Adam’s concerts dressed to the nines…

I look like Dee’s closet drank too much and threw up on me

Not her typical style but everyone lets loose once in a while right? Adam happens to be out for a smoke when Rowan rushes outside to get away from Brady when she discovers his unfaithfulness. Adam is intrigued by Rowan (whom he nicknames Peach) and he offers her a chance at revenge.

Weeks later Rowan thought that everything was over between her, Adam and her alter ego Peach. Until he walks into her French class, and is subsequently almost kicked out when she steps in and offers to be his tutor. The kicker is that he doesn’t even recognized her, Now Rowan is on tour with a man who doesn’t recognize her and the rest of his band.

After a while I pull out my phone and ask Adam exactly where we’re going. ‘All over,’ he says with an easy smile. ‘Can you be more specific? I want to let some people know where I’ll be.’ He raises his eyebrow at me, silent until I add,’You know, in case you decide to murder me. I want my friends to know where to look for the body.’

I gave this book a 4.3 out of 5 stars. I really liked all the characters, they weren’t all completely developed but seeing as this seems to be the first of a series I’m sure they’ll develop as the series continues. I have to say that I connected with Dee, Rowan’s sassy and slightly sarcastic best friend a bit more than her. I think this is because her reactions were a lot like mine as I read. My favorite thing about this book is that even though it is a series the book can be read as a standalone, I received closure about the two main characters and don’t have to read the next one to know more about them. I also like the way the author gets you connected to the other characters as well (which means that even though I don’t have to I will probably continue the series to find out how the others do 🙂 )

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