The Mermaid’s Knight (Once Upon a Time Travel Series #1) Jill Myles

So, I decided to start my first book review with a book I enjoyed reading, it was fun to read and was pretty interesting too. I love to read books that take fairy tales and expand on them… I mean Hans Christian Anderson shouldn’t be the only one to tell us about the little mermaid right? (especially since he killed her and denied me my happy ending). So here is my review of Jill Myles take on the little mermaid.


Leah’s just had the shock of her life… it ended.

Thanks to a faulty seatbelt and a drunken asshole Leah is now faced with an interesting choice, she can continue in death and go to heaven or she can start her life over somewhere else… easy choice right? Did I mention her new life is practically that of the Little Mermaid? Well, thanks to Muffin her slightly off (in my and Leah’s opinions) FAIRY GODMOTHER she has that choice.

“ I have a fairy godmother?” dumfounded by that concept, she shook her head. “But I don’t understand. I’m the unluckiest person I know.” All her life, she’d had a streak of bad luck following her around. There was that time she’d gotten shot by a BB gun while walking home from school. And the time she’d caught fire at the family cookout, not to mention a string of accidents that would make a Hollywood stuntman cringe.

Muffin had the grace to look embarrassed. “Yes, well, I didn’t say I was the best fairy godmother, child.”

Leah is transported through time to the 15th century where she has one month to make Lord Royce (the local Baron) to fall in love with her, easy enough for an attractive 24-year-old right? Throw in the fact that she can’t talk, must make nightly visits to the local ocean in order to keep her legs hydrated, she transforms into a mermaid in water and the fact that the Lord thinks she is a spy sent to help overthrow him and it’s a recipe for disaster, fun, and yes, sex…

I found The Mermaid’s Knight to be a very fun and different take on the little mermaid. While it is on the tamer side, closer to YA in some ways it was also very engaging, it had me rooting for Leah and laughing at Muffin’s outfits (though secretly cursing her lack of helpfulness). Overall I gave this book a 3.4 out of 5 stars because though I liked the characters and such they didn’t grip my heart and make it bleed for them (a bit gory sorry) the way other books have. Though it only 3.4 stars it was still a pretty cool read and I really liked the idea that a woman from our time traveled back in time to fall in love (Doesn’t hurt that Royce’s hot too).

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