Funding your reading addictions

One of the biggest challenges for me as a college student who likes to read is… FUNDS!
As I realize that I’m not the only poor person made poorer due to book related impulse control (I can’t be the only person who argues with themselves over every new purchase), I decided to share my tips to read for less. There are several ways to go about reading for less…
The first is to subscribe to book blogs. Book blogs are some of the best places to find free or discounted books. This is because book bloggers are always looking for new books and discovering deals. If you were to look at a blogger’s webpage or subscribe to their facebook feed you will find that a lot of them share their free or discounted book finds.


The second tip is to check out this website The reason I like bookbub is because not only do you get free books, but you are able to personalize the types of books that the website recommends to you. It is also really nice because they have a lot of different platforms on which you can download your new book.


My third tip is to use twitter! I mean you have, most likely, at least looked at twitter right? If you have you know that twitter is all about talking to people, sharing (pretty much everything about yourself) and networking with others (stalking celebrities?). Well, it’s not just you that uses this platform! Authors use it as well… it’s a great place for them to get a buzz out on their new books and feedback from their readers. That’s why it’s so great. If an author wants to get out the fact that their book is currently free, what better place to announce it than on twitter?


My final suggestion to read books for free is to utilize your local library. I know, everyone knows about their local library and sometimes it’s just not probable to go to the library as many times as you want (or you just can’t carry enough books to keep you satisfied until you can next venture to the library). Well, this is where Overdrive comes in handy. Overdrive is something that was placed into someone’s mind by the reading gods and we should all be super grateful. Anyway, Overdrive is pretty much just your local library… in ebooks. This means that you are able to check out, put holds on, and recommend books for the library (which is awesome). So basically you can go to the library without actually leaving your house (and if you’re like me you will have multiple library cards in different states, university state and home state, and that gives you even more access to books!). Now these books are still from the library so you can only check out 6-10 books at a time for 14-20 days and they come in epub and kindle formats (if you download the Overdrive app, then you can download epub to your device via the app [audiobooks too if that’s your thing]).


So there you have it! These are my tips to relieving the stress that comes with not being able to purchase the books you want. I hope they help you as much as they have helped me.

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